Battery Guru
Battery Guru
  • Name Battery Guru
  • Version 2.2.5
  • Mod Features Premium Unlocked
  • Size 15M
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Battery Guru is an attractive application designed for Android users, thanks to its broad compatibility and user-friendly features across various Android devices. It provides strong battery tools to guarantee peak performance and prolonged device lifespan. The appeal of Battery Guru lies in its smooth integration of potent functionalities crafted to improve the battery experience, making it essential for individuals in search of effective and trustworthy battery management on their Android devices.


Battery Guru is a widely embraced mobile application, known for its versatility across various mobile devices. At its core, the app fulfills the crucial role of offering detailed insights into battery consumption and assessing the overall battery capacity of your smartphone. Going beyond these foundational functions, Battery Guru takes an extra step by providing users with predictions and notifications regarding charging cycles.

This proactive approach not only keeps users well-informed but also promotes healthier charging habits, addressing common issues related to battery charging practices. Through the integration of such features, Battery Guru plays a key role in improving your phone’s battery life and extending its overall usage time. The effectiveness of the application lies in its ability to deliver comprehensive battery management, making it a valuable tool for users seeking optimal performance and longevity from their mobile devices.

Battery Guru


Help with battery specific information

Battery Guru transforms into a fully-fledged battery assistant, offering a comprehensive set of features that cater to the interests and needs of users aiming to maximize the battery efficiency of their Android devices. This user-friendly tool serves as a gateway to precise information about the battery, presenting details such as voltages, temperatures, capacity, battery health, and charging/discharging status. A notable feature is the app’s capability to provide users with information about remaining charge time, supplying an accurate timeline for when their Android devices will be ready for use.

Furthermore, the app provides precise remaining use time, allowing users to strategically manage onscreen activities and prevent premature battery depletion. Going deeper, Battery Guru offers insights into wake-lock periods since the last charger unplugging, enabling users to analyze their battery usage patterns. It also reveals detailed application usage data, providing a granular view of specific apps and their associated battery consumptions. With its array of features, Battery Guru ensures a comprehensive understanding and effective management of your device’s battery, establishing itself as an essential tool for Android users seeking optimal performance and longevity.

Battery Guru

Increase the level of safety in the use of batteries

Battery Guru surpasses the typical features found in a battery management app by actively safeguarding and enhancing the overall health and lifespan of your device’s battery. Positioned as a dedicated guardian of battery well-being, the application takes on the vital role of optimizing your phone. It achieves this by autonomously reminding users of detrimental habits that may compromise the longevity of the battery.

Recognizing that each charging cycle contributes to a gradual reduction in the battery’s lifespan, Battery Guru acts as a proactive protector, mitigating the risks associated with both charging and usage patterns that could lead to premature deterioration. By instilling awareness and promoting better charging habits, the app significantly contributes to the safety and well-being of your phone’s battery, ensuring a healthier and prolonged lifespan for this essential device component.

Battery Guru

Develop good battery usage habits

By addressing common pitfalls among smartphone users, Battery Guru proves essential in tackling prevalent bad habits that can significantly impact the longevity of your phone’s battery. Many users unintentionally practice habits such as charging while actively using their devices or depleting the battery entirely before recharging, contributing to the gradual decline in their phone’s overall lifespan.

Recognizing the challenge of breaking such ingrained habits, Battery Guru adopts a proactive approach by automatically displaying reminders. These reminders function as gentle warnings, encouraging users to abandon detrimental practices and embrace healthier charging and usage habits. Through actively addressing and rectifying these habits, Battery Guru becomes a valuable ally in preserving your phone’s battery life and promoting a more sustainable approach to device usage.

Battery Guru

Download Battery Guru Now!

Enhance the efficiency of your Android device’s battery by using Battery Guru! This crucial application provides detailed battery information, covering voltages, temperatures, capacity, and health. It offers precise estimates for remaining charge and usage times, allowing you to strategically plan your activities. Battery Guru goes the extra mile, actively protecting battery health, minimizing risks, and encouraging improved charging habits. Download now to experience optimal performance and extend the lifespan of your device!

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