Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse
Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse
  • Name Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse
  • Version 6.0.0
  • Mod Features Premium Unlocked
  • Size 10M
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

The Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse provide unmatched convenience and flexibility, making them exceptionally appealing to users. The wireless connectivity eliminates the mess, offering freedom of movement. Specifically, Android users can take advantage of dedicated apps that turn their smart devices into effective keyboards or mice for desktops and tablets. This smooth integration boosts productivity and ensures a seamless user experience, establishing Bluetooth peripherals as a preferred option for those looking for adaptability in their computing arrangement.


The Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse for stands out as an advanced wireless keyboard and mouse solution, delivering unmatched convenience in today’s technological landscape. It serves as a revolutionary tool for users in search of a seamless computing experience. The absence of tangled cables enhances mobility, making it an optimal choice for users of both PCs and smartphones.

This inventive solution harnesses the capabilities of Bluetooth technology, establishing a dependable and effective connection between the input devices and the target devices. The serverless design of the application ensures simplicity and user-friendliness, addressing the requirements of today’s fast-paced and dynamic lifestyles. In essence, it transforms the way users engage with their devices, providing a level of convenience that perfectly aligns with the demands of modern living.

Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse


Turning your smartphone into a touchpad

Within the realm of the Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse system, Android users gain access to a range of compelling features that enhance their mobile computing encounter. One notable capability involves transforming a smartphone into a highly functional touchpad with realistic scrolling support. This inventive feature provides users with a tangible and responsive touch interface, delivering a degree of control that replicates the physical touchpad experience.

Navigating through applications, documents, and web pages becomes instinctive and smooth, thanks to the authentic feel and responsiveness of the virtual touchpad. This feature not only improves convenience but also bridges the divide between mobile and desktop computing, presenting Android users with a versatile and engaging input method that adapts to their evolving needs in the dynamic digital landscape.

Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse

Allows a variety of devices to be connected

The Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse for PC/Phone features an extensive array of functionalities that improve its adaptability and user-friendliness across diverse devices. This inventive solution guarantees smooth support for all connected devices, presenting a flexible input method for users of both PCs and smartphones.

To create a successful connection, a Bluetooth tool is essential for the kernel device, ensuring a dependable and efficient pairing process. Thorough testing has been carried out on various operating systems, affirming the application’s compatibility with most devices. Upon launching the device, the application effortlessly establishes a connection, granting users immediate access to its capabilities. This dedication to compatibility and user-friendliness strengthens the application’s dependability, positioning it as a valuable tool for users in search of a straightforward and effective wireless keyboard and mouse solution.

Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse

Support for many different languages

Enhancing its functionality, the Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse distinguishes itself by providing support for multiple languages, accommodating users from 100 different linguistic backgrounds globally. This inclusive approach recognizes the varied language preferences of users worldwide. The application seamlessly incorporates numerous languages, ensuring users can easily interact with it for various purposes. When launching the application, users have the option to choose their preferred language, streamlining their experience for quicker and more intuitive operation. This dedication to linguistic diversity amplifies the accessibility and user-friendliness of the Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse application, solidifying its status as a versatile and user-centric solution in the realm of wireless input devices.

Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse

Simple interface and functionality

Ensuring a smooth experience for Android users, the Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse application distinguishes itself with a user-friendly design and uncomplicated features. Navigating through the mobile app is seamlessly intuitive, guaranteeing users face no obstacles in making the most of its complete feature set. The most challenging step lies in setting up connections between devices, underscoring the overall simplicity of the application. Once the connection is established, users enter a realm of convenience, encountering easily accessible settings and straightforward interactions across all Android devices. The application’s dedication to user convenience and accessibility enhances its appeal, positioning it as a trouble-free and effective tool for those in search of a straightforward wireless keyboard and mouse solution.

Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse

Download Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse Now!

Embrace the next era of wireless input through the Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse application. Turn your smartphone into a touchpad, benefit from multilingual support in 100 languages, and effortlessly connect across diverse devices. Install now for an interface that’s user-friendly, a setup process free of hassles, and unmatched convenience. Elevate your computing experience today!

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