• Name BOTIM
  • Version 3.8.0
  • Mod Features Latest Version, Unlocked Video/Voice Call
  • Size 134M
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

In an era defined by global connectivity, BOTIM stands out as an alluring communication tool that transcends physical distances. This powerful app makes it easy to make free voice and video calls. It is very cost-effective for users. And it helps you to connect with your loved ones around the world without spending any money. Thus, the attraction of the app comes from the fact that it is a virtual bridge. It connects people effortlessly. It helps in building relationships in a world where communication is vital for crossing distances.

Introduction of BOTIM

BOTIM emerges as a captivating alternative in the realm of messaging applications, offering a swift and secure means to engage with contacts using minimal resources. Beyond its basic functionality, this communication platform boasts a suite of compelling features that, while not groundbreaking, distinguish themselves by their exceptional performance.

Users can seamlessly initiate voice or video calls utilizing their data plan or WiFi network, create expansive chat groups accommodating up to 500 members, and share various documents without compromising quality through compression. And it takes user security very seriously. This is demonstrated by the fact that it uses a robust system to encrypt text and voice messages. And this makes it one of the most secure instant messaging systems available. Thanks to its combination of efficiency, versatility and security, it stands out from other messaging applications.


Features of BOTIM

Support for creating group chats and sending files

Adding to its repertoire of features, BOTIM doubles as an efficient conferencing tool, enabling users to establish group chats accommodating an impressive 500 members. This expansive capacity caters to diverse communication needs, making it an ideal platform for both personal and professional group interactions. In addition, it makes sharing documents easy and smooth. So users can send different types of files without having to reduce file quality or use compression.

This feature makes the application even more versatile. It not only shows that it is not just a messaging tool but a complete communication center. So whether you are working on a project or sharing files in a group, BOTIM’s file sharing feature adds to its appeal. In short, it improves the user experience. It also consolidates its position as a versatile, user-friendly communication solution.


Ensuring information security

BOTIM extends its functionality beyond basic communication, allowing users to send both voice and text messages seamlessly through the app. And adding emoticons to a chat enhances the presentation of the message. This is attributed to the fact that it brings a fun and engaging element to the discussion, making it more interactive.

Most importantly BOTIM prioritizes user privacy and security. To do so, it employs a strong encryption system. This encryption layer ensures that messages remain safeguarded against online snoopers, reinforcing the app’s commitment to providing a secure communication environment. By combining features for diverse messaging styles, expression through emoticons, and a strong focus on user data protection, it emerges as a comprehensive and user-centric messaging platform, catering to both the functional and expressive dimensions of digital communication.


Provides intelligent language translation function

BOTIM extends its communication capabilities with the breakthrough Intelligent Language Translation feature. This advanced addition transcends language barriers. It allows users to effortlessly communicate with people who speak different languages. So whether it’s via text message, voice call or video chat, BOTIM’s Android Smart Language Translation feature translates conversations in real time.

This transformative feature not only promotes global connectivity, but also makes the app more inclusive. It encourages meaningful interactions regardless of language differences. In short, BOTIM’s commitment to breaking down language barriers underscores its determination to create a truly connected, barrier-free communication platform. It is a valuable tool for those seeking a diverse and inclusive digital communication experience.


Download BOTIM Now!

Experience seamless global communication with BOTIM! Download now for free voice and video calls, secure messaging, and a smart language translation feature. Break down barriers, connect effortlessly, and prioritize safety with encrypted messages. Join the diverse and inclusive digital communication experience today!

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