Cast to TV – Xcast
Cast to TV – Xcast
  • Name Cast to TV – Xcast
  • Version
  • Mod Features Premium Unlocked
  • Size 12M
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Are you interested in casting content to a bigger screen? Cast to TV – Xcast emerges as an appealing choice for smooth multimedia streaming on larger screens. Equipped with a variety of features, this application facilitates seamless streaming to your TV by supporting a variety of popular streaming devices. Its user-friendly interface and broad compatibility contribute to an enhanced overall entertainment experience, positioning it as an attractive option for individuals seeking a versatile and effective casting solution.


Transforming the world of entertainment, Cast to TV – Xcast enhances the streaming experience for users on expansive television screens. Its user-friendly interface ensures a smooth connection process that accommodates various conditions, including Wi-Fi connectivity.

The app’s adaptability is evident in its support for a wide range of TVs, granting users the freedom to enjoy their favorite content on diverse devices. The uncomplicated connection method streamlines the user experience, catering to individuals with varying technical expertise. Committed to providing easy connectivity and compatibility, Cast to TV – Xcast stands out as an appealing option for those seeking a straightforward and enjoyable way to cast content onto larger screens.

Cast to TV – Xcast


Supports searching in the built-in browser

Expanding its range of capabilities, Cast to TV – Xcast stands out with its built-in browser, enhancing the streaming experience. This distinctive feature distinguishes it from other streaming applications by allowing users to seamlessly search for desired content directly within the app. The integrated browser not only adds convenience but also removes the necessity for users to navigate across multiple platforms.

Content discovery seamlessly intertwines with the streaming process, eliminating concerns about locating specific videos or shows. With this innovative addition, Cast to TV – Xcast not only streamlines content access but also enhances the overall user journey, making it a noteworthy choice for those in search of a comprehensive and user-friendly streaming solution.

Cast to TV – Xcast

Support for multiple streaming devices

Beyond its feature-packed offerings, Cast to TV – Xcast showcases adaptability by being compatible with various streaming devices such as Roku, Apple TV, and Google Chromecast. This extensive compatibility guarantees that users can access their favorite content on a variety of platforms, enhancing overall accessibility.

Noteworthy is Xcast’s ability to enable concurrent connections to multiple smart TVs, distinguishing it as an optimal solution for users seeking the convenience of connecting and streaming on several devices simultaneously. To fully access the array of features, it is imperative to download the application from the official website, ensuring users can seamlessly leverage the app’s capabilities for a comprehensive and personalized streaming experience across diverse devices.

Cast to TV – Xcast

Customizing file queues

Once a smooth connection is established between your devices, Cast to TV – Xcast propels your entertainment journey forward. The application takes the lead by automatically scanning all accessible locations within your device, identifying various file types that you can easily open and enjoy.

Moreover, it introduces a queue feature, enabling you to craft a personalized lineup of files with corresponding support features. This dynamic queue ensures a continuous stream of diverse content that captures your attention, providing an immersive viewing or listening experience. With Cast to TV – Xcast, entertainment unfolds seamlessly, offering a range of content options that engage you until you decide to explore something new, guaranteeing a delightful and customizable entertainment experience.

Cast to TV – Xcast

Control via Android devices

After successfully connecting your two devices through Cast to TV – Xcast, each assumes unique roles, contributing to a nuanced and personalized viewing experience. Your TV serves as the receiver, providing a canvas for your Android device to manage the content. This setup allows you seamless control, facilitating quick actions like play, pause, and skip during video playback. The integration extends to audio files, offering features such as shuffle for a dynamic listening experience. With these capabilities, Cast to TV not only turns your TV into an extension of your Android device but also offers intuitive controls, empowering you to navigate and customize your multimedia journey effortlessly.

Download Cast to TV – Xcast Now!

Enjoy smooth multimedia streaming on expansive screens using Cast to TV – Xcast! Featuring a user-friendly interface, it is compatible with diverse streaming devices and provides distinctive elements such as a built-in browser for easy content search. Supporting simultaneous connections to multiple smart TVs and customizable file queues, it guarantees a thorough and personalized streaming experience. Download now for trouble-free casting and immersive entertainment!

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