Decor Life
Decor Life
  • Name Decor Life
  • Version 1.0.28
  • Mod Features Unlimited Money
  • Size 155M
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Do you have a strong desire to enhance your living environment? Decor Life provides an exciting opportunity for home enhancement, streamlining the difficulties and effort associated with tangible alterations. It harmoniously integrates user-friendly features with a wide array of unique rooms, furnishings, and design elements. Explore your creative side without the complications – Decor Life ensures the experience is pleasant, approachable, and uniquely fulfilling. Take part in a voyage where decorating transforms into an enjoyable expedition, transforming your residence into a customized work of art.


Dive into the realm of Decor Life, an immersive digital sanctuary tailored for those captivated by architectural art and interior design. This virtual experience authentically replicates the roles of a genuine architect or designer, making it an essential for enthusiasts. Enter a tranquil 3D setting in Decor Life, where your home becomes the canvas, and creative possibilities are limitless.

Within this game, you are encouraged to unleash your design skills, constructing a space that mirrors your distinctive style. Bid farewell to mundane constraints and embrace the liberty to mold your environment in a manner that sparks joy and contentment. Decor Life goes beyond conventional gaming; it serves as a portal to a domain where your imagination takes the spotlight, transforming your virtual creations into captivating realities.

Decor Life


Simulation of home decorating life

Immerse yourself in the captivating universe of Decor Life, where a diverse array of rooms reflects the unique ambiance and distinctive characteristics of their owners. With a dedication to authenticity, the game encourages you to explore a multitude of renovation possibilities for each individual room. The key lies in experimentation as you thoughtfully select furniture and decorations, rearranging them until each element finds its ideal placement.

Decor Life faithfully replicates the entire spectrum of home improvement, capturing the journey from initial planning to the satisfying realization of your design vision. Choose a home design option, engage in the exhilarating process of unboxing and arranging furniture, and relish the delight of unpacking and placing newly acquired decorative items. Watch as your virtual spaces undergo a transformation into personalized havens, and experience the fulfillment of a beautifully redecorated room.

Decor Life

Choose any design and furniture you like

Embark on the limitless possibilities within Decor Life, where your preferences in house design take center stage, and there are no definitive right or wrong choices. Embrace the liberty to make decisions without the fear of being corrected, viewing each level’s completion as a chance to showcase your distinctive style. Your selected designs and furnishings serve as a canvas for self-expression, allowing you to assess their effectiveness based on your personal standards.

Decor Life provides an unparalleled retreat for relaxation, allowing you to derive maximum enjoyment from unleashing your design aspirations without any limitations. The unboxing process transforms into an exciting journey into the unknown, where a drum set, a safe, or a captivating still life discover their ideal placement in your new room. Experience the joy of discovery as you seamlessly incorporate unique items into your personalized sanctuary, shaping a space that mirrors your creativity and individuality.

Decor Life

Realistic experience mechanisms

Delve into the immersive realism of Decor Life’s simulation, intricately designed by developers to replicate the entire journey from the initiation of construction to the completion of house design. The game progresses through stages, enabling players to fully engage in the intricacies of selecting projects, themes, and items. Advancing through the game unveils a specific process that unveils interior decorations, allowing you to mold your virtual space.

Infusing an element of excitement reminiscent of Unpacking, players experience the tactile pleasure of unboxing and strategically placing items in each room before moving on to the decoration phase. Decor Life delivers a nuanced and immersive experience, guiding gamers through multiple thoughtfully curated processes that simulate the complexities faced by real architects. This journey culminates in the satisfaction of achieving a final product that faithfully reflects their creative vision.

Decor Life

Download Decor Life Now!

Easily revamp your living environment with Decor Life, an essential application for design aficionados! Immerse yourself in an authentic realm of home enhancement, where creativity takes the lead. Explore a varied range of rooms, furniture, and design elements to express your distinct style. Download the app now for a delightful, user-friendly, and uniquely fulfilling experience in transforming your home into a personalized masterpiece!

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