DJ Music Mixer
DJ Music Mixer
  • Name DJ Music Mixer
  • Version 1.2.6
  • Mod Features Premium Unlocked
  • Size 35M
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

When seeking an exceptional virtual DJ mixing and music editing tool, consider DJ Music Mixer as your ultimate option. DJ Music Mixer distinguishes itself as an appealing selection for music lovers, featuring an impressive chord generator that elevates its allure, particularly for individuals interested in creating distinct and innovative compositions. This distinctive attribute distinguishes DJ Music Mixer, providing a creative advantage for users exploring the realms of DJ remixing and music production. The incorporation of this powerful chord generator introduces an element of flexibility, rendering it an appealing platform for both aspiring musicians and experienced DJs.


A flexible audio editing and mixing tool, DJ Music Mixer enables users to replicate the expertise of leading DJ producers. This portable software functions as a legitimate editor and mixer, turning your handheld device into an authentic DJ console. Equipped with twin DJ cross-discs, it simplifies the blending process and allows for the effortless application of effects to your chosen tracks. Through the utilization of DJ Music Mixer, individuals can partake in scratching and smoothly fuse diverse elements of their music, unlocking creative opportunities and elevating their overall audio production journey. Tailored for both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts, this dynamic tool presents a user-friendly interface complemented by professional-grade features.

DJ Music Mixer


Powerful audio editing functions

DJ Music Mixer presents a range of advanced functionalities crafted to enhance your music creation and mixing endeavors. The finely calibrated turntable featured in the application facilitates smooth transitions, allowing users to effortlessly revert to the chorus with a single click and playback at their preferred tempo. Notably, the integrated recorder stands out as a key element, providing a platform for adding vocals and seamlessly incorporating new chords.

The application’s refined algorithms actively detect rhythmic issues and musical errors, offering real-time alerts and valuable suggestions for correction. To boost creativity, the DJ effects pitches recommended by the application seamlessly integrate with distinctive DJ effects, ensuring a unique and standout quality in the music creation process. This comprehensive suite of tools empowers users to produce music that not only meets professional standards but also stands out as a highlight in the dynamic realm of DJ remixing.

DJ Music Mixer

Professional mixing and editing of music

DJ Music Mixer Studio stands out as a comprehensive mobile DJ mixer, providing users with the means to express their musical creativity while on the move. This app offers a portable DJ setup, ensuring that none of the music-mixing capabilities are sacrificed, allowing you to carry your DJ skills with you wherever you travel.

Envision creating and remixing music with professional precision using only your fingers and a smartphone. DJ Music Mixer Studio delivers a personalized DJ mixer experience, raising your music to the caliber of tracks by experienced DJs. Immerse yourself in a realm of top-notch DJ mix features accessible with just a swipe of your finger, offering a seamless and enjoyable music creation and remixing journey.

DJ Music Mixer

Adjusting the rhythm and pitch of music

DJ Music Mixer provides a range of extensive editing functions to streamline the creation of intricate chords. The application simplifies chord crafting by supplying BPM information for any song, allowing users to easily generate distinct versions of pre-existing tracks.

A noteworthy aspect includes the ability to record and loop choruses while adjusting tempo and pitch, accompanied by a professional music glossary for enhanced precision. While the app incorporates audio effects such as Echo, Flanger, Crush, and Gate to inject dynamic melodies synchronized with the beat, users are advised to seek guidance from experienced professionals for a well-balanced chord table to elevate their creative endeavors.

Download DJ Music Mixer Now!

Unleash your musical capabilities using DJ Music Mixer! This exceptional application turns your device into an authentic DJ console, providing robust audio editing, smooth transitions, and professional mixing features. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced enthusiast, its intuitive interface and advanced functionalities make it an essential tool. Grab it now for an unmatched DJ remixing and music production journey!

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