Easy Share
Easy Share
  • Name Easy Share
  • Version 1.3.16
  • Mod Features Premium Unlocked
  • Size 5.9M
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Easy Share distinguishes itself as an attractive option for secure and efficient file sharing. Its appeal stems from the capability to rapidly transfer sizable files effortlessly. The platform not only enables swift and cost-free file sharing but also guarantees the safety of your data throughout the transfer. What makes Easy Share unique is its special function allowing users to share files without requiring an internet connection, delivering a smooth and adaptable sharing encounter.


Easy Share presents itself as a versatile solution for effortlessly sharing content among mobile devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network. It acts as a channel for transferring a variety of content types efficiently. What distinguishes Easy Share is its dedication to ensuring security, guaranteeing that all file transfers, whether in closed or public environments, undergo encryption.

This encryption serves as a protective measure for crucial data during the sharing process, elevating the overall security of the transfer. By placing emphasis on privacy and encryption, Easy Share not only facilitates convenient file sharing but also instills confidence in users regarding the safeguarding of their sensitive information. This makes it a trustworthy option for those who value both efficiency and security in their sharing pursuits.

Easy Share


Support for sending large files in various formats

Easy Share presents a host of features that position it as a standout option for effective file sharing. Particularly noteworthy is its proficiency in transmitting a range of file types, providing adaptability in the supported formats. Whether dealing with sizable files without restrictions or files in assorted formats, Easy Share ensures a smooth transfer experience.

The application’s versatility extends to its ability to manage crucial data transfers, establishing it as an excellent option for securely sending or receiving important files. Essentially, Easy Share distinguishes itself as a prompt and dependable solution for exchanging files among Android devices, amalgamating speed, adaptability, and security to meet the diverse file-sharing requirements of users.

Easy Share

Support for sending files offline

Easy Share distinguishes itself through a comprehensive array of features, streamlining the sharing of diverse file types at any given moment. The application not only grants free file transfer capabilities but also delivers efficient receiving features. A noteworthy feature is its capacity to transfer files without relying on an internet connection, enabling sharing at any time and place.

The app’s navigation is user-friendly, involving uncomplicated steps such as selecting the connected device and the desired file, ensuring a hassle-free process. This simplicity in operations enhances the user experience, facilitating the quick and convenient transfer of files and data. Easy Share’s dedication to user-friendly design, coupled with its adaptable file-sharing capabilities, positions it as a trustworthy and easily accessible solution for users seeking efficient and convenient file transfers.

Easy Share

Clear management interface

Easy Share stands out with a feature-rich interface, prominently showcasing a versatile file manager that adeptly organizes content into distinct categories. The inclusion of a universal finder or filter enhances user accessibility, facilitating effortless searches for specific files or even the smallest memory components when the exact location is unknown.

A notable element is the customization option, empowering users to personalize the interface according to their specific preferences, optimizing performance based on individual needs or conditions. This flexibility enhances the overall user experience, establishing Easy Share as a user-friendly platform for content transfer. The considerate integration of these features underscores Easy Share’s commitment to delivering not only seamless file transfers but also a tailored and efficient interface for users with varied preferences and requirements.

Easy Share

Provide automatic backup function

Easy Share surpasses expectations by offering a convenient feature designed for users with an additional SD Card in their device. This feature facilitates the automatic backup of new files to the SD Card, providing a practical solution for individuals who prefer frequent changes in the card’s location or manually transferring data to other devices securely.

The automatic backup functionality not only saves time but also acts as a crucial safeguard for protecting all files. In situations where unforeseen circumstances may pose a risk of potential loss of device memory, this feature serves as a reliable measure against data loss. Easy Share’s considerate incorporation of such a feature underscores its commitment to not only efficient file sharing but also to the security and preservation of users’ important data in diverse scenarios.

Easy Share

Download Easy Share Now!

Get Easy Share today for quick, safe, and adaptable file sharing! Prioritizing the security of your data, Easy Share allows for effortless transfer of large files, supports various formats, and offers offline mode for sharing anytime, anywhere. The reliable choice is enhanced by a user-friendly interface, an inclusive file manager, and an automatic backup function. Ensure you don’t miss out on smooth file transfers—download Easy Share now!

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