Flashlight Plus
Flashlight Plus
  • Name Flashlight Plus
  • Version 2.7.10
  • Mod Features Premium Unlocked
  • Size 17M
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Flashlight Plus distinguishes itself as an attractive mobile app for several reasons. Initially, it turns your smartphone’s flash into a convenient flashlight, delivering immediate illumination while on the move. In addition to its fundamental flashlight capability, the application increases flexibility by smoothly transforming your phone into a useful magnifying glass. This attribute enhances camera image capture, guaranteeing sharpness and precision. The practicality of having both a flashlight and magnifying glass readily available in your pocket enhances the utility of Flashlight Plus in various scenarios, making it a versatile and appealing tool for everyday use.


Flashlight Plus emerges as an innovative application crafted to enhance the capabilities of your device’s built-in flash, ensuring optimal performance. Going beyond the scope of a simple flashlight, it enhances functionality by seamlessly incorporating a magnifying glass feature that can be easily accessed from your mobile device. Enjoying widespread popularity among smartphone users worldwide, Flashlight Plus imparts an intriguing quality to your captured photos. The application’s proficiency in unlocking the full potential of your device’s flash not only boosts practicality but also imparts a touch of mystique to the images it captures. With a devoted user base spanning diverse regions, it distinguishes itself as a preferred choice, effortlessly blending practicality with an enigmatic flair in mobile photography.

Flashlight Plus


Turn your cell phone into a flashlight

Flashlight Plus proves to be a flexible application, seamlessly converting your phone into a dependable emergency flashlight. The flashlight can be activated or deactivated instantly with a simple touch of a button, ensuring swift accessibility during crucial moments. What distinguishes this app is its innovative functionality that enables you to set up the flashlight directly on your device’s lock screen.

This integration guarantees that the illuminating capability is readily accessible, minimizing response time in emergency situations. This considerate design adds a layer of practicality, providing a prompt and efficient solution to illuminate your surroundings when time is critical. Flashlight Plus, equipped with its user-friendly controls and emergency-ready features, establishes itself as a reliable tool for users seeking both convenience and preparedness in unforeseen circumstances.

Flashlight Plus

With magnifying glass function

Flashlight Plus expands its range by introducing a versatile magnifying glass feature, providing users with the option of selecting 1x, 2x, or an impressive 4x magnification level. This functionality improves visual clarity and proves invaluable for tasks requiring a closer examination, such as reading fine print or scrutinizing intricate details.

What distinguishes this application is its incorporation of sensory feedback – users not only witness the flashlight in action but can also hear and feel its operation. This multi-sensory experience introduces an additional dimension of user engagement and awareness, enhancing the app’s intuitiveness and user-friendliness. In situations with low light, Flashlight Plus becomes an essential tool, aiding users in effortlessly locating items, even in conditions of minimal ambient light.

Flashlight Plus

Supports use in conjunction with the viewfinder

In addition to serving as an emergency flashlight, Flashlight Plus features a magnifying glass function that significantly improves its usability. This magnifying glass, when used in conjunction with the device’s viewfinder, proves extremely valuable for reading menus and deciphering small print in books. The dual functionality of Flashlight Plus sets it apart, establishing it as an essential tool for various situations.

By choosing this application, you guarantee continual access to a dependable and functional flashlight. The convenience of possessing a tool that not only provides illumination in emergencies but also assists in reading fine print emphasizes the practicality of Flashlight Plus. It is a must-have for individuals seeking a versatile and trustworthy solution, seamlessly integrating emergency preparedness with everyday practicality.

Flashlight Plus

Download Flashlight Plus Now!

Get Flashlight Plus today for a versatile mobile application that turns your phone into a dependable flashlight and magnifying glass. Easily transition between emergency lighting and precise magnification with a simple touch. The app’s inventive characteristics, such as lock screen integration and sensory feedback, position it as an essential tool for both practicality and preparedness. Elevate your smartphone experience – download Flashlight Plus now!

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