• Name iTranslate
  • Version 5.14
  • Mod Features Pro Unlocked
  • Size 106M
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

iTranslate emerges as an attractive tool, especially for enthusiastic globetrotters. It serves as a valuable companion for communication in regions with unfamiliar languages, providing smooth translation for both written and spoken content. With its user-friendly interface and effective language translation, iTranslate proves essential for travelers aiming for seamless communication in diverse linguistic environments.


iTranslate presents itself as an all-encompassing language solution, providing users with a complimentary translator, transliterator, and dictionary application. This tool empowers individuals with straightforward and interactive features, facilitating the effortless transformation of content into their desired languages. Boasting a wide range of available languages, it opens up a vast linguistic landscape for exploration.

Users can freely navigate this extensive collection, breaking down language barriers and enabling global communication. Beyond mere translation, the app’s adaptability extends to transliteration and dictionary functionalities, enhancing the overall language-learning and communication experience. It becomes the preferred companion for those looking to overcome linguistic limitations and engage freely with diverse cultures around the world.



Support voice recognition function

iTranslate transforms the landscape of language translation with its user-centric approach, placing convenience at the forefront through innovative features. The application delivers a smooth and effortless experience by incorporating state-of-the-art built-in speech recognition technology. Diverging from traditional text input methods, it enables users to communicate effortlessly by voice, eliminating the time-consuming task of manual typing.

The effectiveness of iTranslate is further enhanced by its voice recognition feature, powered by Nuance, a globally acclaimed leader in speech recognition technology known for its unparalleled accuracy. This makes iTranslate a reliable and precise tool for language translation. Users can rely on it to swiftly capture spoken words, convert them into text, and seamlessly translate them into their desired languages. This commitment to advanced technology underscores its dedication to saving users valuable time in the language translation process, ensuring a translation experience that is both user-friendly and time-efficient.


Support for multiple languages around the world

Apart from its advanced capabilities, iTranslate showcases an extensive language support, serving a global audience with compatibility for 100+ languages from various countries. This inclusive approach ensures that users worldwide, regardless of their location or native language, can seamlessly engage with iTranslate’s features. The application’s flexibility underscores its dedication to overcoming language barriers and promoting effective communication on a worldwide scale.

For Android users, the app provides easy access to its diverse features. Whether users require translations for individual words, conversations, or entire documents, it facilitates a swift and precise translation process. The user-friendly interface allows for the seamless input of content, enabling users to obtain accurate translations into their default or customized target languages. This adaptability and accessibility establish iTranslate as a valuable tool for individuals seeking efficient and reliable language translation services on the Android platform.


Provides a full range of dictionaries and thesauruses

In addition to its swift translation capabilities, iTranslate delivers a comprehensive linguistic experience for Android users through its fully-featured dictionary and thesaurus. These components enhance the application’s functionality by offering detailed and precise translations for each word. Users can explore the dictionary to access informative explanations about specific words, gaining insights into their nuances and usage in various contexts.

The thesaurus, a particularly valuable feature, presents archaic words that may not be readily found in contemporary dictionaries, injecting a sense of novelty into users’ language exploration. iTranslate’s dedication to providing extensive linguistic resources adds to its value, enabling users not only to translate but also to deepen their understanding of words and expressions across diverse linguistic scenarios.


Download iTranslate Now!

Embark on a journey of smooth communication with iTranslate – an essential tool for avid travelers. Effortlessly overcome language barriers using its advanced capabilities, which include precise translations through Nuance-powered voice recognition. With support for over 100 languages, the app ensures accessibility for users globally. Explore its dictionaries and thesauruses for in-depth insights. Transform your language experience by downloading iTranslate today.

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