LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO
LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO
  • Name LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO
  • Version Gemini
  • Mod Features Premium Unlocked
  • Size 20M
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO distinguishes itself as an exceptional choice to protect confidential photos, videos, and documents. Its appeal lies in its strong security elements, such as PIN, fingerprint, and facial recognition options, ensuring the highest level of privacy. The application’s user-friendly interface and smooth operation provide a sense of ease for individuals in search of a dependable vault for their important files. LockMyPix enables users to securely safeguard their digital possessions, establishing itself as a preferred option among private vault applications.


LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO represents a state-of-the-art application crafted to deliver an elevated level of security for the protection of photos, videos, and documents. Its primary objective is to guard sensitive content against prying eyes and unauthorized access, surpassing conventional photo vaults by incorporating robust security features such as PIN protection, fingerprint recognition, and facial unlock options.

This multi-faceted defense system ensures users maintain comprehensive control over their digital assets, establishing a secure and private enclave on their mobile devices. Boasting an intuitive interface and seamless functionality, the app provides a user-friendly experience, making it an appealing choice for individuals in search of a trustworthy and advanced solution to safeguard their valuable files from unauthorized access and potential privacy breaches.

LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO


Lock and hide any important documents

LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO offers a comprehensive set of strong features designed for Android users seeking thorough file protection. Going beyond the safeguarding of photos, the application extends its capabilities to ensure the security of videos, documents, folders, and various file formats. Users can effortlessly conceal and secure their essential files in designated vaults, providing a customized and secure storage solution.

This adaptability ensures that individuals can safeguard a diverse range of digital content, empowering them with control over their privacy. The app’s user-friendly interface simplifies the process of selecting and including files in these secure vaults, enhancing accessibility. Whether it’s personal photos, confidential documents, or sensitive videos, LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO stands out as a versatile and dependable choice for Android users aiming to reinforce their digital privacy.

LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO

Custom folders

LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO offers users an unparalleled level of convenience when it comes to arranging and personalizing their file collections within private vaults. The application eliminates any inconvenience related to file management, providing a smooth and user-friendly interface. Users have the freedom to effortlessly organize their files and folders using a range of sorting options and preferences, resulting in a personalized organizational experience.

What distinguishes LockMyPix is the ability to customize album covers for images and videos using various custom album covers. This feature adds a personal touch to the protected content, enabling users to create a more visually appealing and well-organized digital space. Moreover, the app facilitates the creation of folders and subfolders, giving users the tools to systematically structure and protect their files. LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO not only ensures top-notch security but also delivers a highly customizable and organized digital environment for its users.

LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO

Encrypt local photos and files

LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO employs an advanced encryption procedure that automatically alters the format of all data or selected images, heightening the security of users’ content. The encryption method utilizes high densities to establish an additional layer of protection across the entire content surface. This robust mechanism acts as a formidable barrier, thwarting any unauthorized transfers or theft attempts without the necessary password or user access.

The encryption technology embedded in LockMyPix ensures that even if files are intercepted or accessed without permission, they remain incomprehensible and resistant to unauthorized viewing or utilization. This elevated level of encryption introduces an extra layer of security, cementing LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO as a reliable solution for users in search of unmatched protection for their sensitive digital assets.

LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO

Manually set passwords for added security

LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO empowers users with the flexibility to manually configure various passwords, elevating the access security of the incorporated photo vault. Users have the option to seamlessly switch between fingerprint, PIN, and code alternatives, allowing for a personalized and dynamic approach to fortifying their vault. Noteworthy is the app’s prevention of the utilization of existing device passwords, whether they involve fingerprints or drawings, ensuring an additional layer of security. This proactive measure encourages users to regularly update and diversify their password types, contributing to a more resilient defense against unauthorized access. With LockMyPix, users can actively oversee and refine their access credentials, underscoring the app’s commitment to maintaining a leading position in the realm of mobile file protection.

LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO

Download LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO Now!

Safeguard your private photos, videos, and documents using LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO, a cutting-edge solution designed for Android users. Benefit from strong security elements like PIN, fingerprint, and facial unlock options. The app’s user-friendly interface guarantees an intuitive experience. Download LockMyPix now to secure your files reliably with advanced protection.

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