• Name MalMath
  • Version 6.0.20
  • Mod Features Premium Unlocked
  • Size 4.3M
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

MalMath, a captivating mobile app, tackles the difficulties encountered by students, educators, and those grappling with mathematical concepts. Its distinctive feature lies in offering a resolution for comprehending the fundamentals of math issues and simplifying intricate equations into more manageable elements. This quality proves especially advantageous for high school and college students seeking support in resolving mathematical challenges. In essence, it accommodates a broad spectrum of individuals with different mathematical requirements, rendering it an appealing and adaptable resource for learning and addressing math-related problems.


MalMath introduces a cutting-edge and refined approach to solving mathematical problems, delivering users an outstanding journey of discovery and learning. The application showcases a distinctive system crafted to unravel intricate algebraic challenges found at various difficulty levels, encompassing equations and inequalities commonly encountered in the realm of mathematics.

What distinguishes MalMath is its interactive feature, ensuring users consistently enjoy optimal experiences while addressing even the most complex math problems in exercises or tests. This interactive aspect enhances the learning process, making it more engaging and effective. With its diverse capabilities, MalMath emerges as a valuable instrument for individuals aiming to boost their mathematical skills, offering a comprehensive platform that caters to users with different proficiency levels and mathematical requirements.



Easily scan or insert math problems

MalMath provides a variety of functions aimed at streamlining the input and resolution of mathematical problems. Users can easily input their math queries by utilizing function buttons and interactive touch-typing interfaces within the application. Alternatively, MalMath introduces a convenient option allowing users to authorize access to their device’s camera, enabling seamless scanning and digitization of math problems.

Through the utilization of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, this feature transforms the scanned problem into a digital format, facilitating on-the-go problem-solving. Whether users opt for manual input or the efficiency of camera scanning, MalMath ensures adaptability in addressing a range of mathematical needs. This combination of accessibility and advanced technology enhances the overall user experience, making mathematical studies more convenient and efficient for individuals with varying levels of proficiency.


Supports multiple input modes

MalMath distinguishes itself through its intuitive features, particularly the extensive customization options embedded in the keyboard. This empowers users to tailor the input mode according to the complexity of the mathematical problem, ensuring swift and efficient results. Notably, the app has the capability to automatically discern the types of problems being input, streamlining the entire input process.

Additionally, users have a variety of choices for presenting results from equations, offering a personalized user experience. An intriguing feature is the capacity to establish multiple layers, facilitating the input of intricate problems with diverse components. This multi-layered approach introduces a heightened level of flexibility, addressing the needs of users grappling with complex mathematical scenarios. In summary, MalMath empowers users through customization and automation, augmenting their problem-solving skills across a spectrum of difficulty levels.


Analysis of the answers provided

Aside from its powerful mathematical problem-solving capabilities, MalMath grants users the option to modify the display mode, elevating the overall user experience. A notable attribute is the ability to present answers in a chart format, a widely favored and adaptable choice for an array of mathematical exercises. The chart display is accompanied by thorough instructions and detailed information, meeting the diverse learning needs of users.

This feature enables users not only to obtain answers but also to gain insights into the step-by-step process. Moreover, MalMath broadens its functionality by allowing users to utilize mathematical solutions and showcase results through various graphs, offering a visual representation of the outcomes. This dynamic display mode brings depth to the application, positioning it as a valuable resource for comprehending and visualizing mathematical solutions across different exercises and scenarios.


Download MalMath Now!

Tap into the potential of mathematics using MalMath! Get it now for an outstanding learning journey. Effortlessly tackle intricate problems, tailor input modes to your liking, and effortlessly visualize solutions. Whether you’re a student or educator, MalMath is designed to meet your mathematical requirements. Enhance the efficiency and enjoyment of your mathematical journey – download MalMath today!

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