• Name NewPipe
  • Version 0.26.1
  • Mod Features Optimized/Lite
  • Size 11M
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

NewPipe distinguishes itself as an attractive choice for video enthusiasts, outperforming the original YouTube app with its strong capabilities, user-friendly interface, and improved privacy functionalities. It delivers an exceptional video-watching experience on mobile devices while also removing disruptive advertisements. Furthermore, the application places a high emphasis on user privacy by steering clear of data collection from third parties. The open-source code, accessible on GitHub, not only enhances transparency but also encourages community engagement. Opting for NewPipe translates to selecting a potent, user-friendly, and privacy-oriented solution for video streaming.


A must-have for smartphone users, NewPipe provides a variety of essential tools primarily focused on video consumption. It transforms the YouTube viewing experience by creating a seamless, ad-free environment, ensuring uninterrupted content enjoyment without side ads. Beyond its ad-blocking capabilities, it enriches user engagement with YouTube videos through a diverse set of features.

Within the application, users can craft personalized video playlists, tailoring their viewing experience to their unique preferences. Moreover, it enables users to personalize the theme of the video player screen, adding a personalized touch to the visual aspect of their video interactions. This comprehensive approach makes NewPipe an essential tool for those in search of a feature-packed, ad-free, and customizable video-watching experience on their mobile devices.



Top alternative application to YouTube

In a landscape teeming with alternatives to YouTube, NewPipe has emerged as the favored choice among the global video community. While numerous substitutes exist, it distinguishes itself by offering a cost-free solution with a smaller impact on device storage compared to other applications. Many alternatives come with a price tag and consume substantial storage space on your device.

NewPipe, on the other hand, positions itself as a free and lightweight option, making it an appealing choice for users prioritizing efficiency and economy. Available for download online, installing it on your Android phone is a swift and trouble-free process. As one of the top YouTube alternatives, it not only competes but excels in delivering a viable and user-friendly substitute for users’ video-watching requirements.


Watch online videos easily

Functioning as a flexible platform for smooth online video viewing, the app offers users a delightful and user-friendly interface. What distinguishes NewPipe is its strong and incorporated search engine, enabling users to easily browse, view, and download videos from various sources on the internet. This encompasses the capability to access and download globally trending videos, ensuring users remain up-to-date with popular content. The remarkable aspect is that all these attributes are available at no expense, establishing NewPipe as an appealing option for individuals in search of a free, potent, and user-focused video-watching experience on their mobile devices.


Clear display of video content and information

NewPipe is a strongly suggested smartphone application, providing a distinctive set of features that make it stand out. A notable aspect is its easy-to-use interface, facilitating straightforward monitoring and clear identification of video content. This capability empowers users to make informed decisions about how to spend their leisure time. Each video in the app is presented with clarity, showcasing content and information in a way that reduces the likelihood of viewing errors. This high level of transparency grants users precise control over the shows they watch, allowing them to concentrate on content that is genuinely valuable and enjoyable.


Support for downloading favorite videos and audios

NewPipe not only improves your technological convenience but also fosters confidence in your video-watching experience. Beyond providing a clear and ad-free video setting, the app empowers users to directly download their preferred videos and audio to their mobile devices.

In terms of flexibility, NewPipe permits users to tailor the format and video quality of their downloads right within the application. This level of control ensures that users obtain the content they desire in their preferred manner. Additionally, it extends its capabilities to audio, enabling users to effortlessly download their favorite tracks. The seamless download capability for both videos and audio, along with customizable options, positions NewPipe as a versatile and user-focused application, elevating the overall enjoyment of digital content consumption.

Download NewPipe Now!

Get NewPipe now to elevate your video experience like never before! With strong features, a user-friendly interface, and improved privacy, it outperforms YouTube. Delight in ad-free video-watching, craft personalized playlists, and tailor the themes to your liking. It’s free, lightweight, and can be quickly downloaded on Android. Become part of the worldwide community opting for NewPipe, the choice for a potent, easy-to-use, and privacy-aware video streaming solution.

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