Panda Gamepad Pro
Panda Gamepad Pro
  • Name Panda Gamepad Pro
  • Version 1.6.0
  • Mod Features Many Feature
  • Size 8.2M
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Panda Gamepad Pro offers an appealing option for gamers in search of extensive gamepad compatibility. Given the absence of native support for numerous titles, this tool becomes essential, quickly ensuring compatibility across all games. Its allure is heightened by the wide range of customization features, enabling users to fine-tune their control experience. Beyond tackling a prevalent gaming issue, the software empowers users to customize their gaming configuration for maximum enjoyment.


For individuals in search of an inventive approach to control methods, Panda Gamepad Pro stands out as a versatile solution. This inclusive application seamlessly connects gamepads to devices, ushering in a transformative gaming experience. Its excellence lies in improving the fluidity and precision of character movement and control, fostering a seamless and rhythmic gameplay encounter.

Functioning as a comprehensive tool, it transcends mere compatibility by providing a unified platform where gamers can effortlessly integrate their preferred gamepad with their devices. Panda Gamepad Pro not only introduces a fresh paradigm in control but also enhances the overall gaming experience, making it an enticing option for enthusiasts seeking a responsive and seamlessly integrated interface.

Panda Gamepad Pro


Convenient connection

Panda Gamepad Pro offers a range of features tailored to meet the convenience and needs of gamepad users. The connection process is simplified, enabling users to effortlessly link their gamepad to their device through either Bluetooth or a cable. Once connected, users can seamlessly integrate their preferred games into the system.

The application streamlines the recognition and scanning process, ensuring a swift identification of the unique features of the gamepad within the entire system. A noteworthy time-saving functionality comes into play when users add games that already support gamepad functionality. In such instances, the application promptly alerts users, saving them from the manual configuration of settings and enhancing the overall efficiency of the setup process.

Panda Gamepad Pro

Add games as needed

Panda Gamepad Pro incorporates a virtual button setup system among its features, particularly activated when users access games added during the initial installation. Upon entering a game, an overlay seamlessly covers the interface, granting users the ability to utilize touch controls without restrictions.

The app ensures a user-friendly experience by allowing the addition of new games with just a few simple taps. Notably, the application takes on the setup automatically and conveniently, relieving users from the complexities of manual configurations. This streamlined process not only improves accessibility but also underscores the app’s dedication to providing a trouble-free gaming environment, establishing it as a preferred choice for users seeking simplicity and efficiency in managing their gamepad experience.

Panda Gamepad Pro

Smart keyboard that acts as a gamepad

Panda Gamepad Pro significantly enhances its adaptability by providing compatibility with nearly every gamepad brand available in the market. This extensive support guarantees that users can smoothly incorporate a variety of gamepads into their gaming sessions, placing control at their fingertips. Whether maneuvering through the intense battlegrounds of PUBG Mobile, navigating the strategic landscapes of Fortnite, or tackling the survival challenges of Rules Of Survival, Panda Gamepad Pro facilitates easy control.

The application functions as an intelligent keyboard for gamepads, consolidating all essential functionalities into a unified interface. It’s noteworthy that while using the application, other control devices such as mice and keyboards become inactive, ensuring a streamlined and dedicated gaming environment exclusively tailored to the connected gamepad. This design decision further emphasizes the app’s dedication to providing a seamless and immersive gaming experience.

Panda Gamepad Pro

Support handle calibration function

Panda Gamepad Pro takes a step further by introducing the Gamepad Calibration Assist feature, a valuable tool for users facing connectivity issues or abnormal functioning of their gamepad during gameplay. This innovative feature enables comprehensive adjustments to gamepad settings, covering aspects such as performance and functionality.

Users have the flexibility to fine-tune the gamepad’s behavior based on their preferences, ensuring a personalized and optimal gaming experience. The efficiency of this feature is noteworthy, offering a swift and convenient means for users to regain control over their gamepad. With the Gamepad Calibration Assist, Panda Gamepad Pro empowers users to promptly address and resolve any issues, underscoring its commitment to providing a smooth and customizable gaming environment.

Download Panda Gamepad Pro Now!

Elevate your gaming journey with Panda Gamepad Pro! This application ensures a smooth connection between gamepads and devices, providing unparalleled compatibility and customization. Whether you link effortlessly through Bluetooth or a cable, integrate games with a quick recognition process, or embrace the smart keyboard for gamepads supporting various brands, Panda Gamepad Pro promises ultimate control. Download now to embark on a transformative and personalized gaming experience. Don’t overlook the convenience, efficiency, and immersive features – Panda Gamepad Pro is ready for you!

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