PDF Reader Pro
PDF Reader Pro
  • Name PDF Reader Pro
  • Version google_2.5.2
  • Mod Features Pro Unlocked
  • Size 101M
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

PDF Reader Pro distinguishes itself through its smooth incorporation of cloud services, enabling easy access and organization of your PDFs across various devices. The application’s user-friendly interface guarantees an intuitive experience, catering to both novices and proficient users. PDF Reader Pro offers a flexible solution that not only simplifies PDF editing but also enhances the efficiency of document organization and accessibility on your Android device.


As a top-tier choice among mobile PDF applications, PDF Reader Pro has gained prominence by distinguishing itself through a range of features designed to simplify numerous tasks associated with PDF files. In the crowded landscape of PDF reader apps, PDF Reader Pro stands out as a stalwart, providing unmatched capabilities that go beyond the ordinary.

With a robust set of features, the application empowers users to seamlessly handle a variety of actions within PDF files, solidifying its superiority over other apps in the same category. This application not only attests to its popularity but also underscores its dedication to delivering a thorough and effective PDF reading experience on mobile devices.

PDF Reader Pro


Supports conversion of different formats

A noteworthy feature of PDF Reader Pro lies in its adept ability to convert PDF files into various formats, providing users with increased flexibility. Notably, the application facilitates the smooth conversion of PDFs into commonly used office application formats while maintaining the original content layout. This capability is particularly beneficial for individuals who rely on a variety of office applications in their daily work routine.

Moreover, PDF Reader Pro enhances its versatility by enabling the quick conversion of images into PDF files, turning them into documents that can be read and annotated. This functionality offers added convenience, allowing users to effortlessly handle different types of files within a unified and comprehensive platform. The emphasis on preserving layout integrity and supporting a range of file conversions highlights PDF Reader Pro’s dedication to delivering a robust and adaptable solution to meet users’ diverse document needs.

PDF Reader Pro

Easy editing and processing of PDF files

For individuals in search of a portable and effective PDF solution, PDF Reader Pro stands out as the ideal option, eliminating the necessity of carrying a laptop for PDF-related tasks. With this application installed on your Android device, you not only have the ability to seamlessly edit and manage PDF content but also experience the convenience of filling out forms on the go, allowing for immediate submission.

The application’s intuitive interface and adaptable features make it a sought-after tool for users with varied needs and preferences. Whether it’s the flexibility to work with PDFs without the burden of carrying a laptop or the convenience of directly handling forms on the device, PDF Reader Pro serves as a versatile and essential tool, addressing the requirements of a diverse user base.

PDF Reader Pro

Encrypt important PDF files to ensure security

Addressing the domain of security, PDF Reader Pro places a premium on user privacy through the provision of robust encryption features, ensuring proactive safeguarding of crucial PDF files. The application empowers users with diverse security options, allowing them to impose locks at the file level, assign specific passwords to individual files, or enhance security by obscuring content through dim shapes on different pages. This versatile approach enables users to tailor their privacy measures according to the specific requirements and sensitivities associated with distinct documents.

By furnishing such comprehensive security features, PDF Reader Pro not only facilitates efficient document management but also guarantees the protection of sensitive information across various usage scenarios. The focus on user control and customizable security measures positions PDF Reader Pro as a reliable ally for those who prioritize privacy in their digital document interactions.

PDF Reader Pro

Quickly download and read PDF files

In terms of convenience, PDF Reader Pro emerges as an essential tool for effortlessly downloading, opening, and reading PDF files on your phone. The application provides a myriad of reading options, allowing users to opt for a fixed page or scroll for quick navigation, switch between full-screen and small-screen modes, and personalize the theme color for an enhanced reading environment. Elevating the reading experience, PDF Reader Pro facilitates seamless navigation between significant pages or headings through user-friendly sketching tools or by referencing previous pages, fostering a more dynamic and engaging interaction with the content.

The search functionality of the application further enhances efficiency, allowing users to quickly locate specific information or keywords within the entire PDF text file. Additionally, PDF Reader Pro extends its usefulness by incorporating a direct mobile application feature that enables users to select and print one, a few, or all pages from the PDF file, addressing various printing needs and enriching the overall user experience. This comprehensive set of features positions PDF Reader Pro as a flexible and user-centric solution for effectively managing and interacting with PDF files on mobile devices.

PDF Reader Pro

Download PDF Reader Pro Now!

Tap into the capabilities of streamlined PDF management using PDF Reader Pro! Install now for easy accessibility, user-friendly editing, and robust file encryption. Explore versatile conversions, convenient on-the-fly editing, and rapid downloads. Elevate your mobile PDF experience with features designed to cater to both novices and seasoned users. Acquire PDF Reader Pro today!

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