• Name Penly
  • Version 1.21.7
  • Mod Features Full Paid, Patched
  • Size 41M
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Penly distinguishes itself as an attractive hub for note-taking and sketching aficionados, thanks to its intuitive interface and multifaceted capabilities. Offering the ability to effortlessly transition between authentic handwriting using a Bluetooth stylus and keyboard typing accommodates a range of user preferences. Furthermore, individuals can customize their writing encounters by choosing from an array of pen colors, widths, and styles, including ballpoint and fountain pens. This adaptability elevates the allure of Penly, positioning it as an enticing option for individuals in search of a versatile and personalized digital writing journey.


Presented as an outstanding tool for note-taking and organizing tasks, Penly enhances the user experience by seamlessly integrating work and personal life. The application is equipped with a plethora of user-friendly features aimed at boosting productivity and effectiveness. Users can easily document thoughts and plans using either natural handwriting with a Bluetooth stylus or the convenience of a keyboard. What distinguishes Penly is its adaptability, enabling users to select from a variety of pen colors, widths, and styles, including ballpoint and fountain pens. This adaptability empowers individuals to tailor their digital writing experience, establishing Penly as an indispensable resource for those who value streamlined organization and a personalized approach to note-taking and planning.



Customize the sticker panel

Penly features enhance the user experience and streamline document organization. The application enables users to effortlessly integrate images into their notes, creating a more visually captivating experience. Additionally, the stickers panel introduces a creative aspect, allowing users to design personalized sets of stickers to effortlessly add a distinctive touch to their documents.

Stickers serve as a quick and simple method for expressing individuality within notes, and this feature, available within the app, provides a flexible way to boost the visual appeal of documents. Furthermore, it empowers users to optimize document management through the implementation of folders and subfolders, providing a structured approach to organizing paperwork. This multifaceted functionality establishes Penly as a comprehensive tool catering to both creative expression and efficient document organization.


Creating notification functions

Penly presents a robust calendar feature that becomes essential for users aiming to manage their schedules with efficiency. This functionality allows users to effortlessly create and tailor events, setting reminders for vital appointments or meetings on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This proves especially advantageous in preventing the oversight of crucial events, ensuring that users remain organized and on top of their commitments.

By utilizing the Event Markup tool, users can input detailed information such as event names, dates, times, locations, and descriptions, offering a comprehensive overview of scheduled activities. The optional categorization of events as important, extremely important, or regular adds an additional layer of customization, facilitating a swift assessment of priorities. This nuanced calendar feature within Penly streamlines event tracking, contributing to effective time management and fostering an enhanced sense of organization throughout the day and week.


Storing important documents

Going beyond its calendar functions, Penly positions itself as an essential hub for crucial documents, delivering a comprehensive answer to document management. What distinguishes Penly is its Scan Document feature, allowing users to effortlessly transform images, books, articles, or any document into PDF files using their smartphone’s camera. This functionality not only simplifies the digitization process but also ensures the automatic storage of scanned documents in the user profile for convenient access.

Taking it a step further, the app incorporates a Document Scan feature, offering users versatile options for photo and text editing. The capability to crop or rotate images enhances document accuracy and completeness. Integrated with Optical Character Recognition, this feature empowers Penly to convert text images into editable text formats, streamlining document retrieval and editing processes. With these advanced document management attributes, Penly emerges as a comprehensive solution for both note-taking and effective document storage, addressing the diverse needs of its users.


Download Penly Now!

Explore a dynamic note-taking and effortlessly organized approach with Penly! Easily transition between handwriting and typing, customize your writing style with diverse pens, colors, and widths. Elevate visual aesthetics by incorporating images and crafting creative sticker sets. Efficiently handle your schedule with customizable calendar events and reminders. Streamline document storage through the Scan Document feature, effortlessly transforming images into PDFs. Don’t miss out – grab Penly now for a personalized and all-encompassing digital writing and organizational journey!

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