Phone by Google
Phone by Google
  • Name Phone by Google
  • Version 120.0.585477676
  • Mod Features Premium Unlocked
  • Size 29M
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

The Phone by Google provides an engaging user interface that goes beyond traditional calling features. Featuring a user-friendly design, it enables users to handle calls smoothly and effectively address issues such as unwanted calls and spam messages. This application enhances the calling experience, giving users easy control over their communication. Its exceptional call management capabilities make it stand out, appealing to individuals who desire a polished and trouble-free way of managing both incoming and outgoing calls.


The Phone by Google emerges as an incredibly valuable tool, transforming the way users interact with incoming and outgoing calls. This versatile application utilizes both network connections and SMS to grant users unprecedented control over their communication. It surpasses conventional calling features by presenting a smooth and effective method for call management.

With its user-friendly interface, individuals can effortlessly navigate and oversee various aspects of their calling interactions. Whether it involves blocking unwanted advertising calls or handling spam messages, the application provides users with a holistic solution. The flexibility of Phone by Google goes beyond the typical call management, establishing itself as an essential tool for those in search of a sophisticated and efficient communication experience.

Phone by Google


Identify and categorize telephone numbers

Phone by Google features a multitude of elements that enhance the calling experience significantly. One standout capability is its rapid resolution of uncertainty surrounding unfamiliar calls. The application is equipped with an extensive global database containing phone numbers from users worldwide. When faced with an incoming call, the system taps into this expansive repository, automatically cross-referencing and delivering precise identification information to users. This not only aids in identifying the caller but also improves overall call management.

Taking it a step further, the integrated intelligent AI system actively scans and regulates unknown calls, effectively saving users valuable time. With these advanced functionalities, Phone by Google emerges as a comprehensive solution for users seeking more than just call control—a seamless and intelligent communication experience.

Phone by Google

Provide call recording function

Although call recording may not be groundbreaking, it remains an essential feature for any communication application, and Phone by Google excels in this regard. The application provides robust call recording capabilities through an exceptionally user-friendly interface. Activating recording is simple – a quick touch on the designated icon on the screen immediately initiates the recording process.

After the conversation ends, the saved recording seamlessly integrates into the Android device’s memory for convenient access. However, it is crucial to prioritize communication ethics; users are encouraged to obtain consent from the other party before recording to uphold call security and privacy. With these intuitive and ethical features, Phone by Google distinguishes itself as a communication tool that not only prioritizes functionality but also respects the significance of ethical communication practices.

Phone by Google

Avoid spam calls and messages

Phone by Google stands out with a plethora of features, and among them, a particularly noteworthy and incredibly useful aspect is its effectiveness in protecting users from spam calls and messages originating from unknown sources. Despite its apparent simplicity, this feature resonates strongly with users, giving them the capability to completely block incoming calls or messages from unfamiliar sources. This proves to be an exceptionally practical solution, sparing users from the time-consuming ordeal of sorting through numerous spam messages and anonymous calls that inundate them on a daily basis.

Beyond the surface inconvenience, this feature addresses a crucial security concern by minimizing the risk of falling prey to fraudulent schemes carried out through deceptive messages and calls. In a digital landscape where malicious actors persistently attempt to access personal information, including making efforts to extract money, Phone by Google serves as a robust defense, reinforcing user privacy and providing protection against potential financial losses.

Phone by Google

Helps change optical brightness

One standout feature in Phone by Google is its ability to modify optical brightness, addressing the specific vision needs of users. Often neglected by many developers, this functionality becomes essential for individuals with conditions like astigmatism, nearsightedness, or weak eyesight, who may experience discomfort with excessively high contrast.

The developers of Phone by Google showcase considerate design by integrating customizations that empower users to freely adjust the contrast between light and dark, either manually or through automatic settings. This considerate approach ensures that users can customize their phone experience to accommodate distinct light and dark preferences, reducing the risk of discomfort or visual strain associated with conventional, one-size-fits-all display settings. By prioritizing user comfort and accessibility, Phone by Google establishes itself as a user-centric communication and interaction platform.

Phone by Google

Download Phone by Google Now!

Immerse yourself in smooth and smart communication using Phone by Google! This application surpasses traditional calling, enabling users to effortlessly handle calls, thwart spam, and personalize optical brightness for enhanced comfort. Packed with capabilities like call recording and a user-friendly interface, it offers a complete solution. Don’t miss out on a polished and trouble-free communication experience—download now!

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