Photo & Picture Resizer
Photo & Picture Resizer
  • Name Photo & Picture Resizer
  • Version 1.0.326
  • Mod Features Premium Unlocked
  • Size 35M
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Photo & Picture Resizer is an attractive option for Android users in search of versatile photo editing features. With its intuitive interface and robust resizing capabilities, it has become a preferred tool, akin to well-known alternatives such as Cut Paste Photo Seamless Edit. Whether the goal is to compress images for efficient storage or modify dimensions for social media, Photo & Picture Resizer delivers a smooth and appealing experience, solidifying its position as a standout choice among mobile photography apps.


Photo & Picture Resizer is a practical and user-friendly tool designed for easily modifying image dimensions and quality. This uncomplicated application streamlines the task of resizing photos without sacrificing their quality. Whether the aim is to reduce images for efficient storage or tailor them for specific platforms, it provides a smooth and efficient solution. Its intuitive user interface facilitates easy navigation through a variety of resizing options. With this application, Android users have access to a valuable tool that promptly caters to their photo size adjustment requirements, establishing Photo & Picture Resizer as a dependable option in the domain of mobile image editing.

Photo & Picture Resizer


Change the size and dimensions of an image

Facilitating convenient modifications to a photo’s file size through resolution adjustments, this versatile image resizer tool provides an easy solution. Combining simplicity and efficiency, the application enables users to smoothly decrease or increase the size of their images. The user-friendly design of Photo & Picture Resizer guarantees easy navigation and task execution without unnecessary complexities. Whether the goal is compressing images for storage efficiency or resizing them for specific purposes, this app distinguishes itself as a dependable and user-friendly choice. Its capability to swiftly alter physical dimensions establishes Photo & Picture Resizer as a valuable tool for Android users in search of convenient photo editing options.

Photo & Picture Resizer

Convenient touch operation

The mobile app boasts intuitive touch controls and a user-friendly interface, ensuring quick adaptation for users. Its considerate design includes separate menus for different operations, facilitating a smooth interaction process. Users can easily navigate through their photos with convenient touch gestures, enhancing the overall usability of the app.

This well-thought-out organization of functions enhances the efficiency and enjoyment of the user experience, enabling individuals to effortlessly leverage the app’s capabilities. Consequently, Photo & Picture Resizer distinguishes itself not just for its powerful features but also for its user-centered design, establishing it as an appealing option in the field of mobile photo editing applications.

Photo & Picture Resizer

Arbitrary adjustment of resolution and aspect ratio

Discover the extensive range of features offered by Photo & Picture Resizer, granting users the flexibility to adjust photo resolution and aspect ratio seamlessly. This Android app delivers a user-friendly interface, enabling easy navigation through its diverse set of tools. Explore various presets for resolutions or opt for personalized settings, giving you the liberty to customize the resizing process to your liking.

The thoughtful design of the application also extends to the aspect ratio settings, ensuring consistency and user-friendliness. Whether you prefer ready-made options or enjoy fine-tuning parameters, Photo & Picture Resizer provides a versatile and accommodating environment for users who seek precision in modifying their photos’ dimensions. This solidifies its standing as a comprehensive and user-centric solution for mobile photo editing.

Photo & Picture Resizer

Support for editing videos

Photo & Picture Resizer expands its scope beyond image editing by incorporating video editing features for Android users. This innovative addition enables users to effortlessly choose and import videos into the editing interface, broadening the application’s functionality. Within the editing domain, users can utilize the standard resizing and compression features to achieve optimal results for their videos.

The integration of video editing capabilities adds versatility to the app, meeting the needs of users seeking a comprehensive solution for both photo and video adjustments. With Photo & Picture Resizer, Android users now have access to a unified platform that addresses their multimedia resizing requirements, reinforcing the app’s reputation as a versatile and user-friendly editing tool.

Photo & Picture Resizer

Download Photo & Picture Resizer Now!

Elevate your mobile editing journey with Photo & Picture Resizer! With its user-friendly interface, robust resizing features, and the ability to edit videos, it’s an essential tool for Android users. Download now to effortlessly enhance your photos and videos. Your ultimate choice for flexible and easy editing!

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