• Name PhotoShot
  • Version 2.17.2
  • Mod Features Premium Unlocked
  • Size 155M
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

PhotoShot distinguishes itself as a remarkable mobile application crafted to enhance and edit your photographs. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with a variety of sophisticated tools, effortlessly elevates the appeal of your pictures. The application offers numerous options to customize and enhance your photos in creative ways, and its intuitive layout makes it easy to explore the various features. It’s a versatile photo editor that you’ll find straightforward to navigate.


PhotoShot stands out as an exceptional photo editing application featuring impressive filters that extend beyond fundamental edits. This innovative tool empowers users to manipulate the sky, modify scenery, and even alter the color of clothing in their photos. What distinguishes PhotoShot are its advanced features, enabling detailed editing of objects within pictures and enhancing users’ editing capabilities. Whether refining landscapes or perfecting minute details, PhotoShot provides a creative outlet, allowing users to enhance the appeal of their mobile photos.



Simple and convenient interface

PhotoShot stands out as a top choice for Android users, not only because of its robust features but also due to its user-friendly design. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced editor, the uncomplicated interface and clear layouts make navigation and exploration of the various features effortless. To initiate the photo editing process, simply choose the edit or enhance option from the main menu and easily browse through your offline library to locate your pictures.

The app offers remarkable flexibility, accommodating images in different formats and settings, providing mobile users with the freedom to edit a diverse range of photos. Quick options are available to streamline the editing process, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Additionally, PhotoShot’s touch-screen controls are optimized for easy and interactive use, making its tools accessible for anyone seeking to enhance their mobile photo editing skills.


Variety of filters and effects

PhotoShot presents a variety of appealing features, especially for individuals who enjoy incorporating trendy filters and captivating effects into their photos. The app offers a diverse selection of filters and effects, providing ample opportunities for creative expression.

What sets this application apart is its user-friendly nature, ensuring a seamless experience when experimenting with fantastic overlays. These overlays introduce visually striking elements to your photos, injecting an additional layer of creativity into your editing process. Notably, PhotoShot surpasses typical presets – users have the freedom to adjust the strength of filters and effects according to their preferences, allowing for extensive customization. This flexibility enables precise fine-tuning of edits, utilizing the app’s dynamic features to craft personalized and visually stunning results.


Improved image quality

PhotoShot features an impressive Photo Enhancer tool that acts as a superhero for your photos, addressing common issues such as blurriness, noise, or low resolution using the built-in AI intelligence of PhotoShot. The AI excels at enhancing picture sharpness, eliminating noise, and swiftly transforming them into high-definition masterpieces. However, this tool goes beyond mere problem-solving; it revitalizes your photos, infusing them with more vibrancy and clarity.

Surprisingly, PhotoShot’s Photo Enhancer isn’t limited to corrective actions; it’s equally adept at restoring lively colors in your pictures or reviving the brilliance of old, faded photos. Whether you aim to add flair to your current pictures or rejuvenate older ones, PhotoShot has you covered. This Photo Enhancer feature exemplifies the app’s commitment to providing sophisticated tools that cater to various photo needs, ensuring every picture receives the attention it deserves.


Change background function

PhotoShot introduces a fantastic Wallpaper Changer feature that proves to be a game-changer when you want to customize your background. Whether dealing with an undesirable backdrop or simply desiring a change, PhotoShot has you covered. You can seamlessly replace the old wallpaper by selecting a new one from the Internet or opting for one of the over 100 images available within the app.

What makes PhotoShot’s Background Changer particularly impressive is its automatic cropping of your subject, ensuring a seamless blend with the new background. This process maintains the natural appearance of your subject, preserving its contours and shine for a cohesive and authentic look. Additionally, you have the flexibility to fine-tune details such as Strokes, Shadows, and Blur to achieve the precise look you desire. The outcome is a photo that exudes naturalness, avoiding any artificial stiffness and incorporating a pleasing softness for a refined and professional finish. Therefore, PhotoShot’s Wallpaper Changer stands out as a versatile feature that effortlessly enhances the visual appeal of your photos.


Download PhotoShot Now!

Unleash your artistic side with PhotoShot! This fantastic photo editing application is incredibly user-friendly, featuring outstanding filters, an AI Photo Enhancer, and a Wallpaper Changer to enhance the quality of your pictures. It’s your ultimate choice for creating stunning images. Download it now to enjoy effortless, personalized, and visually striking photo edits on your phone!

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