• Name ProCCD
  • Version 2.5.1
  • Mod Features Pro Unlocked
  • Size 105M
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

ProCCD captivates its users by honoring the digital cameras of the 1990s through its pixelated design and vintage CCD filters, creating a sense of nostalgia. In addition to this nostalgic allure, the app offers an extensive array of high-quality editing tools, allowing users to unleash their creative capabilities. The seamless integration of classic charm and cutting-edge functionality establishes ProCCD as an irresistibly attractive choice for those seeking a unique and flexible photo-editing experience.


ProCCD transforms your smartphone into an outstanding vintage camera experience, going beyond the usual capabilities of standard camera lenses. This innovative app not only offers a diverse range of nostalgic effects, filters, collage templates, and frames but also successfully encapsulates the spirit of bygone epochs. By seamlessly combining modern technology with a retro aesthetic, ProCCD allows users to imbue their photos with a charming vintage atmosphere. With its unique effects and flexible collage options, the application stands out as a comprehensive tool for individuals looking to infuse their images with the warmth and character reminiscent of days gone by, presenting an appealing choice for photography enthusiasts.



Multiple camera options

ProCCD distinguishes itself through a diverse array of five camera options, each intricately tuned to evoke unique aesthetics. The Z30 selection captures attention with its vivid colors, delivering a visually stunning experience across various scenarios. For those seeking a reminiscent touch of disposable cameras, the IXUS95 option introduces a greenish tint, adding a distinctive charm to photography. The U300 camera, crafted to replicate a melancholic film appearance, excels in capturing translucent blue-green tones, particularly enhancing seascapes and skies.

Expanding the creative possibilities, ProCCD incorporates the M532 camera, offering a faded prequel vibe ideal for portraits and sunny days. Additionally, the application introduces two specialized cameras, DCR and Dazz Cam, catering to the vintage aesthetics of the 1980s and Y2K eras, respectively. This range of camera options enables users to seamlessly align their photographic endeavors with specific visual preferences, establishing ProCCD as a versatile and dynamic tool for capturing moments in diverse styles.


Nostalgic style with beautiful photos

ProCCD offers a plethora of features that enhance the visual appeal of images, capturing the essence of the 90s vibe through a fusion of nostalgic and contemporary effects. After capturing images directly, users can explore a range of filters and effects within the application to further refine their photos. Tailored for landscape enthusiasts, the Z30 effect introduces a lively color palette and a lo-fi quality, ideal for outdoor shots. The U300 effect enhances images with transparent blue tones, creating a fresh atmosphere suitable for rivers, oceans, and skies. Specializing in portrait photography, the IXUS95 effect kit imparts a bluish tone with subdued lighting, resulting in smoother edges for subjects.

The M532 color effects set, characterized by low saturation and fades, injects rich retro watercolors, making it well-suited for portraiture and solitary outdoor photography. Embracing playful activities and the Y2K aesthetic, the DCR and dazz cam effects set captures everyday life with a hint of nostalgia, reminiscent of the once-popular 8x and 9x styles. ProCCD thus stands out as a versatile photo-editing tool, catering to diverse preferences and providing a unique visual experience.


Rich Editing Functions

ProCCD excels in its editing capabilities, demonstrating proficiency in managing the post-capture process. The application smoothly navigates the editing workflow, enabling users to efficiently import media in batches for creating curated albums and shareable collages. Adding a vintage aesthetic to photos becomes effortlessly achievable with the one-click NOMO filter presets, providing a quick and stylish enhancement to any image.

In the domain of video editing, ProCCD lives up to expectations. Users can introduce light leaks and film grain to infuse videos with a nostalgic charm. Additionally, the ability to crop videos to stylish ratios enhances the overall visual appeal. For those seeking an authentic disposable camera feel, the application allows the inclusion of timestamps, imparting a genuine touch to the footage. ProCCD’s extensive editing features position it as a versatile tool for users looking to elevate both their photos and videos with creative enhancements and vintage vibes.


A shot with a semi-classical look

ProCCD extends its functionalities beyond photography, allowing users to utilize CCD digital camera lenses for capturing short films. Users can easily choose their preferred camera model, adjust the lens, and effortlessly record dynamic moments. The application supports post-editing of videos with aesthetic filters that offer a range of colors and styles. During the basic editing phase, ProCCD facilitates actions such as cutting, trimming, shortening, fast-forwarding, and slowing down videos based on user preferences. For more advanced editing, users can incorporate music, voiceovers, and merge multiple short videos.

Although video recording may not be the primary emphasis of ProCCD, it excels in delivering the unique watercolor style reminiscent of 90s videos. Whether capturing spontaneous moments or engaging in more intentional video projects, ProCCD offers a versatile and user-friendly platform for users to express their creativity through the lens of CCD digital cameras.


Download ProCCD Now!

Dive into the charm of digital cameras from the 1990s with ProCCD! Transform your phone into a vintage camera adorned with retro CCD filters. Express your creativity utilizing high-quality editing tools that seamlessly combine nostalgia with contemporary functionality. Capture unique CCD camera aesthetics and customize parameters for striking effects. ProCCD offers a diverse range of nostalgic effects, providing a complete toolkit for photography enthusiasts. Download now for a unique and adaptable photo-editing experience that harmoniously blends the finest aspects of vintage and modern photography.

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