• Name ProShot
  • Version 8.22.2
  • Mod Features Paid, Patched
  • Size 4M
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

ProShot distinguishes itself by transforming your mobile device into a camera that mimics the characteristics of film cameras, capturing photos of excellent quality akin to those achieved with a DSLR. The application provides a plethora of settings and indicators, allowing users to easily immerse themselves in a professional photography setting. The resulting photos are inherently breathtaking, eliminating the need for additional editing and underscoring the app’s effectiveness and proficiency in delivering remarkable, unaltered image quality.


ProShot represents an innovative application for capturing photos and videos, providing a diverse range of advanced adjustment features crafted to enhance your creative results. This adaptable tool turns your mobile device into a professional-grade camera, facilitating a smooth shift from typical smartphone photography to a more refined level. Featuring an easy-to-use interface and an extensive array of parameters, ProShot enables users to personalize every aspect of their shots, including intricate lighting conditions and manual focusing. Going beyond standard capabilities, the app supports high-quality lenses for professional video recording, accommodating resolutions up to 8K and frame rates spanning from 24 FPS to 240 FPS.



Own a professional camera

ProShot distinguishes itself as an outstanding solution for mobile photography and video recording, taking smartphone cameras to a professional standard. Setting it apart from typical camera apps, ProShot transforms your device into a robust professional camera, addressing common issues like low image quality, limited depth, and suboptimal focus. It effectively blurs the line between specialized cameras and mobile devices, offering a comprehensive feature set that erases the distinction.

Crucially, ProShot isn’t merely another beauty or image editing app; its sole focus is enhancing your camera capabilities. The application ensures that your photos possess inherent beauty, minimizing the need for additional editing. In contrast to past attempts at advanced camera applications, ProShot’s distinctive appeal lies in its unparalleled ability to finely adjust parameters. The combination of an expansive feature set and an intuitively designed interface opens up limitless possibilities for users in both photography and videography, ensuring that every captured moment is genuinely impressive.


Helps capture multiple elements

In the most recent version of ProShot, a photography app, users gain the ability to capture various elements with the introduction of three groundbreaking light painting modes: Water, Star, and Bulb. Appropriately named, these modes signify their intended subjects for capturing or recording. With these newly integrated features, users can effortlessly capture the beauty of flowing streams or the mesmerizing expanse of starry skies.

The application’s dedication to enhancing the photography experience is evident in the considerate inclusion of these modes, enabling users to creatively and effortlessly capture diverse scenes. The user-friendly design of ProShot’s new light painting modes aligns with its goal of providing users with versatile tools to capture moments in a visually stunning manner.


Leading-edge shooting and recording capabilities

Upon delving into ProShot, users encounter a diverse range of features that enhance their photography and videography experiences. This advanced application offers a comprehensive set of tools crafted to facilitate the capture of desired images and videos. The learning curve involves exploring various shooting and recording modes tailored to specific subjects, with regular updates introducing exciting new features.

Positioned at the top right corner of the screen, the Auto feature, denoted by the text “Auto,” acts as a customizable hub for elements such as Iso, Shutter, and WB. The available modes range from manual and auto to custom, providing users with a spectrum of options to efficiently produce stunning photos and high-quality movies based on the prevailing situation.

Selecting manual mode reveals three crucial elements—SHR (Shutter), ISO, and WB—indicated by the letter M in the top right corner of the screen. Shutter impacts exposure time, offering a range of parameters depending on the ambient light source. ISO, linked to light sensitivity, enhances image brightness with a higher index. ProShot’s intuitive design empowers users to navigate these elements seamlessly, unlocking the full potential of their creative vision.


Specialized customization of interface and image scale

ProShot expands its ability to customize the visual aspects of mobile photography, empowering users to adjust the appearance and proportions of their images. The application provides a range of aspect ratio choices, such as 2:3, 4:3, 16:9, and 1:1, allowing users to make selections before taking a photo. ProShot streamlines the post-capture process by automatically saving the image location for organized management. Additionally, users can pre-determine the image format, opting for either RAW or JPEG, each offering distinct quality and size outcomes. The app facilitates real-time zooming up to 10 times through intuitive pinch and release gestures on the mobile screen, accompanied by the added benefit of customizable noise reduction for refining image specifications.


Skilled photography

ProShot surpasses conventional HDR and DSLR cameras by seamlessly incorporating high-quality movie lenses, ensuring the creation of stunning videos comparable to those produced by professional camcorders. Users can record videos in resolutions up to 8K, tailoring the image quality to their preferences. ProShot’s video capabilities effectively address concerns related to motion blur in smartphone recordings, offering support for frame rates ranging from 24 FPS to an impressive 240 FPS. The flexibility extends to the option of fast-forwarding, catering to various applications. While recording, users have control over the built-in microphone, enabling on-the-fly toggling and detailed monitoring of audio levels, ensuring consistent volume throughout the video for a comprehensive multimedia experience.

Download ProShot Now!

Unlock the complete photographic capabilities of your mobile device by downloading ProShot today! Convert it into a professional-grade camera for effortless capture of DSLR-quality photos. This app provides unmatched customization through advanced adjustment features, guaranteeing that each shot is naturally beautiful, eliminating the necessity for additional editing. Dive into a photography and videography experience like never before!

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