• Name Reports+
  • Version 1.010
  • Mod Features Premium Unlocked
  • Size 17M
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Reports+ is a crucial tool for Instagram enthusiasts who desire in-depth insights. While basic reporting comes without a price tag, the app’s premium subscriptions unlock its complete capabilities, providing comprehensive information on follower patterns, unfollowers, and post effectiveness. The flexible subscription choices accommodate diverse preferences, presenting a wealth of data. Users depend on Reports+ to make informed decisions, enhance their social media strategy, and stay ahead in the constantly changing Instagram landscape.

1. An introduction of Reports+

Reports+ is a comprehensive solution meticulously crafted for the thorough examination and monitoring of Instagram accounts, specifically designed for users seeking detailed insights into their social media impact. This invaluable resource furnishes regular and customizable reports, empowering users to methodically oversee and manage various facets of their Instagram presence. These reports cover vital metrics such as follower engagement, unfollowers, and an assessment of the quality of posted content. With its provision of detailed analytics and customizable features, it becomes an indispensable ally for individuals and businesses aiming to enhance their Instagram strategy. Prioritizing user-friendly characteristics, this reporting tool caters to a diverse range of users, establishing itself as a crucial asset for efficient social media management.


2. Features of Reports+

Precise analytical tools

Playing a vital role as a monitoring and analysis tool, Reports+ goes beyond merely displaying your current Instagram follower count. Instead, the app delivers regular analyses showcasing growth within specific time frames. It doesn’t stop at surface-level data; it provides in-depth insights into follower engagement, encompassing routine likes and comments. The report also delves into additional metrics like blocked users and deleted comments. This thorough analysis not only illuminates the progress of your Instagram account but also enables you to adopt a more community-centric approach. By leveraging these features, users gain a strategic edge in tailoring their social media activities to encourage future community engagement and increased popularity.


Convenient unfollower analytics

In the realm of Instagram dynamics, the thrill of acquiring followers is undeniable, but the curiosity surrounding unfollowers frequently prompts questions. Reports+ offers a valuable analytical instrument that methodically documents unfollower profiles in a chronological sequence. This feature allows users to obtain certain details about events or grasp reasons behind individuals ceasing to follow or declining reciprocal follows. The tool not only records unfollowers but also provides prompt notifications for new unsubscriptions. While it doesn’t delve into complex underlying reasons, it furnishes users with ample information to identify names associated with implicit disapproval or restrictions within the social network.


Intelligent filtering function

Reports+ broadens its capabilities by assisting users in pinpointing their genuine supporters, identified as top fans. Through sophisticated filtering mechanisms, the tool identifies accounts that consistently engage early, exhibit notable frequency in interactions, or consistently receive responses to their comments. These individuals, acknowledged as top fans, are conveniently presented within the app through a concise and user-friendly report. Users can delve deeper into each fan’s profile by clicking on their profile picture. Furthermore, it boosts efficiency by allowing the simultaneous import and analysis of multiple Instagram accounts, simplifying testing, comparison, and basic management for users seeking to assess and enhance the quality of their accounts.


Tracking release function

Essential for the ongoing success of an Instagram account is the fusion of its visual and textual elements. As your account gains popularity, grasping the quality and appeal of the diverse posts and stories becomes a intricate endeavor. The app addresses this challenge by providing indicators such as the most liked posts, most commented posts, longest and shortest posts, and most viewed stories. This functionality enables users to assess the impact of their content, guiding them in crafting compelling and trend-setting material. Additionally, it facilitates the scheduling of posts in advance, ensuring consistent activity and systematic content management. This capability allows users to remain active during peak hours without the worry of missing crucial engagement opportunities.


3. Download Reports+ now

Enhance your Instagram approach using Reports+! Utilize this comprehensive tool to monitor and report on your account, gaining valuable insights into your social media influence. Unlock a range of benefits, from comprehending follower trends to evaluating post effectiveness. With its easy-to-use features and customizable reports, Reports+ is an essential tool for those aiming to improve their Instagram strategy, whether individuals or businesses. Don’t miss out—download Reports+ now to gain a competitive edge in social media management!

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