Swapper - ROOT
Swapper - ROOT
  • Name Swapper – ROOT
  • Version 1.4.1
  • Mod Features Premium Unlocked
  • Size 3.4 MB
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Swapper-ROOT is a tool for setting up cache areas. Extended memory for non-applications such as players, browsers, maps, etc.


If many big games on your phone don’t run, and always card or show insufficient memory, you can use this phone partitioning software. Swapper-ROOT is a professional free version that can convert your phone’s physical memory into virtual memory for running large games, making it easier for you to operate. The software has no ads and is ready to use.

Swapper - ROOT


Amazing device storage and high- efficiency interaction

Older or weakly configured devices often have limitations in their hardware that prevent them from running certain games or applications, and can be overwhelming or unstable for high-end games. However, Swapper-ROOT is designed for this problem because it can manipulate both types of memory.

At the same time, Swapper – ROOT can give you absolute stability in many applications. Part of the device memory in eh application can be converted to RAM. In addition, the part of the application system can be extracted to that side to operate multiple things simultaneously through some protocol.

The application has an excellent interface that maximizes user performance in real time and interacts with multiple Windows simultaneously. Depending on the type of application that requires memory allocation, you can easily switch between tabs and work with certain functions or metrics. By dynamically balancing or stabilizing things, you can also gain insight into what makes the application great and its potential for weak devices.

Customize your application freely

In Swapper – ROOT, you will meet various the app interface, and it’s very colorful and vivid so that you have multiple choice to select from the images given. Certainly, you can customize your application interface with your own heart. After your decoration, you will take a good mood to utilize the application, and you will also use the application to store information more quickly and efficiently. At least, you are have a comfortable sense of feeling to make a prefect performance with it.

Don’t worry about data loss or all-important progress

In addition to running games or applications, Swapper – ROOT is also specifically designed to continuously transmit all progress or data for each project in which the user invests. It also has multiple system compatibility with features or structures that users import from various external sources. When you work, everything is automatically saved to memory instead of RAM. Because of this greatness, you don’t need to worry about data loss or all-important progress.

Swapper - ROOT

Professional system of the options

If you frequently use high-volume and often dense applications, they can customize or maximize the system. Fortunately, Swapper – ROOT has a number of notable and extreme features for you to overclock or make your performance better than usual. If you want to experience professional apps for high-profile games or large-scale projects, and you can concentrate on a useful feature.

Directly edit or change specific details in the apllication analyzer

The benefit of the application is that it integrates more profiles for you to apply or view applications, games, etc., if you are compatible or not. In this way, you can directly edit or change specific details in these content and open up new possibilities for everyone. Of course, you can close the project and export it to various files, formats, etc., through the system’s built-in converter.

Swapper – ROOT is one of the leading and preeminent applications that help you run many programs or games if your device does not have enough RAM. Not only that, its additional support is deep and comes with extensive customization to be compatible with countless formats and more.

Swapper - ROOT

Download Swapper – ROOT Now!

Since people frequently get into memory when the storage capacity has become full and matters begin to get out of control, this application will also help decrease the possibility of information leaking to parties outside of the user. Swapper – ROOT will assist you in keeping their systems stable so you can use your phones to work or play without interruption.

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