• Name TamTam
  • Version 2.34.9
  • Mod Features Premium Unlocked
  • Size 53M
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Introduction of TamTam

What kind of application is TamTam?

TamTam is a comprehensive communication platform that integrates essential tools for connecting with the global community. It offers a diverse range of features, including video calling, messaging, photo sharing, personal channel creation, and location sharing. Emphasizing safety, convenience, and robust privacy measures, it provides users with a seamless communication experience. With its user-friendly interface and multifunctional capabilities, it becomes an indispensable hub for those seeking effortless and secure communication. Experience the convenience of connecting with others through various means, all consolidated in one platform. TamTam truly redefines communication, ensuring a holistic and user-centric approach to staying in touch with the world.


How secure are TamTam’s communications?

Ensuring utmost security, the app prioritizes the safety of information and communication through robust measures. TLS encryption safeguards all interactions on the platform, providing a secure environment for users. It employs a proprietary protocol for transferring personal data, enhancing protection through intelligent algorithms. To fortify user privacy, relevant data undergoes strict protection and is stored across a distributed server network, thwarting any attempts to concentrate, exploit, or leak information by individuals or organizations. Its commitment to security extends beyond encryption, creating a fortified space where users can communicate with confidence, knowing their data is shielded through advanced protocols and distributed storage mechanisms.


Three features of TamTam

Secure live chat feature

The app boasts a chat interface that stands out with its minimalist design, modern colors, and polished borders, fonts, and corners, creating a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing experience. In the realm of chatting, it allows for versatility, enabling users to invite up to 20,000 people to public chats, engage in private 1v1 conversations, or form smaller groups for more intimate discussions. The platform facilitates large professional community chat groups by empowering users to assign admin rights to up to 50 individuals, streamlining the management process.

TamTam’s Messages feature enhances communication with essential functions like quoting, replying, transferring messages, and marking them as read, even in sizable chat groups. Texting is elevated with emoticons, unique stickers, and animated GIFs, providing an expressive outlet, either through its collection or by uploading personal favorites to the app’s Favourite section.


Secure and free online calls

A standout feature of this app is its free online video calling, supporting group calls with up to 100 users for various occasions. Users have the flexibility to manually create group video calls for events, work-related discussions, or casual friend gatherings. The app enhances the calling experience by allowing users to cast their PC screen while simultaneously maintaining the ongoing call on their mobile devices. Notably, the platform permits calling individuals who haven’t registered on the app, making it convenient to bring non-users into call groups, further expanding the accessibility and inclusivity of its video calling capabilities.


Customized channels

The app empowers users to craft personalized Channels, serving as an exclusive space with an unlimited participant capacity. This personal haven allows content sharing, from images to information, with the added benefit of self-censorship controls. Remarkably, even without a TamTam subscription, individuals can freely view public channels of other users, enhancing accessibility and openness on the internet.

For those seeking privacy, the option exists to create closed, unaffiliated, non-participant channels, perfect for personal note-taking purposes. Furthermore, it introduces a location-sharing feature, enabling friends and family to pinpoint your whereabouts instantly by activating the positioning feature. This multifaceted platform seamlessly blends individual expression, community interaction, and location-sharing capabilities.


Download TamTam now!

Prioritizing user safety, this app employs TLS encryption, a proprietary data transfer protocol, and distributed storage for enhanced privacy. Its modern chat interface supports versatile conversations, from private chats to large group discussions. Create your exclusive channel with unlimited participants, share content, and enjoy location-sharing features. Download TamTam for a secure, versatile, and integrated communication experience, redefining how you connect with the world.

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