• Name TapScanner
  • Version 2.8.54
  • Mod Features Pro Unlocked
  • Size 48M
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Introduction of TapScanner

What is TapScanner?

TapScanner is a versatile mobile application designed to streamline the conversion of hardcopy documents into digital formats. By installing TapScanner on your device, you gain the ability to effortlessly scan any document and save it as a PDF, offering convenience and flexibility. This app empowers users to transform their smartphones into portable scanners, providing on-the-go accessibility. The seamless integration allows for easy storage of scanned documents on your phone or any preferred location. With this app, the process of sharing or printing documents becomes quick and limitless, offering a simple and concise solution for those seeking efficient document management on mobile devices.


What’s the point of using TapScanner?

In the realm of mobile scanning apps, the app stands out as the optimal choice for its myriad built-in features that facilitate clear, sharp scanning, convenient sharing, and hassle-free printing. Unlike other apps, it manages to pack an impressive array of functionalities into a compact 20MB package, ensuring efficiency without compromising device space. Operating seamlessly without causing undue heat to your phone, it offers a smooth and simple user experience. Its unique combination of versatility and lightweight design distinguishes it from the crowd, making it the preferred solution for those seeking an efficient, feature-rich scanning application that enhances document management on mobile devices. Choose this app for a streamlined and user-friendly scanning experience.


Three features of TapScanner

Clear document scanning function

The app offers a comprehensive array of features that make document scanning a breeze. With this app, you can effortlessly convert various hardcopy documents and images, including receipts, business cards, IDs, and more, into high-quality PDFs for convenient storage and reuse.

While the scanning feature is standard, it introduces a unique twist with its Automatic Contour Detection. This intelligent function automates the scanning process, swiftly cutting and rearranging documents without the need for manual adjustments, saving valuable time. Moreover, it ensures consistently superior scan quality, producing sharp, detailed images without blurring, black streaks, or dark colors— a capability that sets it apart from other scanning applications. Opt for TapScanner for efficient and top-notch document digitization.


Versatile editing functions

Beyond scanning, it offers robust support for efficient PDF processing. Post-scanning, the app facilitates seamless document management. The signature attachment feature allows free editing and marking on scanned PDF pages, enhancing document personalization. Users can compress PDF files for swift transfers and utilize tools to import, split pages, and print directly from the application.

Its Filter toolset enhances PDF aesthetics, offering features like Remove Shadows and Excess Details for improved clarity. Additionally, users can convert files to black and white, adjusting contrast and brightness. The option to password-protect PDFs ensures document security, making it a versatile and comprehensive tool for streamlined document handling.


Support for saving and printing files

The app extends its utility beyond scanning by allowing seamless sharing of PDF files through Google Drive, email, and online messaging, or saving them to cloud storage. The conversion process ensures that the output quality remains pristine, with no degradation from the original file. This feature-rich app not only excels in scanning and processing but also ensures the effortless distribution of documents, maintaining the integrity of the content throughout the sharing process. Choose the app for a reliable and quality-driven document management experience.


Download TapScanner now!

When the need arises to transform documents from various formats into PDFs and efficiently manage the resulting scanned files, be sure to install TapScanner on your mobile device. Offering simplicity, compactness, and intuitive functionality, this document scanning app delivers instant results, making it the ideal choice for long-term usage on your device.

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