Textra SMS
Textra SMS
  • Name Textra SMS
  • Version 4.70
  • Mod Features Pro Unlocked
  • Size 34M
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Introduction of Textra SMS

What kind of application is Textra SMS?

Textra SMS revolutionizes the messaging experience on Android devices by offering extensive customization options for the built-in message screen. This innovative application allows users to personalize the overall appearance and aesthetic elements of their mobile messaging interface. With this app, the mundane task of sending and receiving texts transforms into a personalized and enjoyable experience. Users can tweak various visual aspects, enhancing the general look of their Android phone’s messaging platform. From color schemes to font styles, it empowers individuals to tailor their messaging environment, injecting a sense of fun and uniqueness into their communication. Embracing Textra SMS means embracing a new era of personalized mobile messaging.

Textra SMS

What are the advantages of Textra SMS?

Android’s versatility in customization extends beyond screen appearances, and Textra SMS stands out as a valuable tool for enhancing the mobile message screen experience. Unlike the standard texting interface, it offers a myriad of benefits for users seeking personalized and visually appealing messaging. It goes beyond the conventional texting screen, allowing for quick, efficient, and aesthetic customizations of both the general interface and specific components. As traditional texting screens may lack excitement, it fills the void by empowering users to inject creativity into their messaging interactions.

With this application, users can break free from the monotony of plain text interfaces, ensuring a visually engaging and enjoyable mobile messaging experience tailored to individual preferences. Elevate your texting game with the app and explore a world of customized beauty in mobile messages.

Textra SMS

Three features of Textra SMS

Customizing the information screen

The app introduces a standout feature – a diverse range of custom themes designed for effortless activation with a single touch. Boasting a collection of over 100 templates crafted by skilled interface designers, users can transform their message screen instantly by choosing and applying a theme of their preference. This one-touch functionality ensures a seamless and complete overhaul of the basic interface, offering users a fresh and unique aesthetic experience without the need for additional customization. The meticulously designed components within each theme harmonize seamlessly, providing a visually cohesive and stylish transformation with just a touch. Elevate your mobile messaging aesthetics effortlessly with it.

Textra SMS

In-depth intervention on details

The app offers advanced features for a tailored messaging experience. Users can effortlessly switch between Dark and Light Modes, automatically adjusting based on the time of day. Beyond text, it allows the inclusion of audio files, video images, and various information files during texting. Personalization extends to chat bubbles with six flower-themed templates, enhancing the clarity of message threads. The app supports scheduling SMS and MMS sending, providing flexibility for communication. An innovative feature lets users continue texting during incoming calls, preventing accidental phone shutdowns. Additionally, it enables a quick reply pop-up, visible while multitasking. Users can fine-tune their messaging further with customizable font sizes, colors, and styles, offering over 21 options to suit individual preferences.

Textra SMS

Powerful message alerts

The app goes beyond standard customization by allowing users to personalize message alerts, vibrations, and LED indicator colors in two ways: individually tailoring each feature or opting for predefined theme elements. Enhancing expression in texts, it offers an extensive emoji store with over 2000 emoticons, instantly adding vibrancy to offline mobile messages. Meanwhile, Truecaller, another valuable app, specializes in blocking spam calls, providing an additional layer of control over incoming calls. Together, Textra SMS and Truecaller offer a comprehensive suite of features for enriched messaging and call management on Android devices.

Textra SMS

Download Textra SMS now!

Textra SMS exhibits exceptional compatibility, seamlessly functioning across multiple platforms including Pushbullet, MightyText, Android Wear, and Android Auto (for vehicles). You can confidently rely on this application without concerns about restrictions, ensuring a smooth texting experience. Utilize Textra SMS to enhance the visual appeal and sophistication of your text messages.

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