• Name ToonApp
  • Version 2.6.36
  • Mod Features Pro Unlocked
  • Size 57M
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Introduction of ToonApp

What kind of application is ToonApp?

ToonApp stands out as a distinctive mobile image editing application, offering a unique caricature style. It provides users with the creative ability to craft eye-catching profile pictures and portraits using anime and caricature aesthetics. This innovative app empowers individuals to edit images seamlessly, bringing a touch of artistic flair to their photos through mobile devices. Dive into the world of animated creativity with this app, where you can transform ordinary pictures into captivating artworks with a playful and expressive touch. Elevate your editing experience and unleash your artistic side by exploring the features of ToonApp for mobile image enhancement.


What are the advantages of ToonApp?

The app opens up a world of creative possibilities, allowing users to witness the transformation of their faces into anime-style art or experience the humorous changes in their bodies through caricature conversion. The app boasts an array of anime filters and caricature creation tools, each featuring premium digital art filters inspired by the styles of renowned photographers. Beyond merely applying these filters and effects, it enables users to blend and customize them to their preferences. Mix sketch effects with cartoon filters to craft personalized images where you take center stage as the main character in your very own cartoon photo. Explore the joy of self-expression and artistic experimentation with it.


Five features of ToonApp

Create unique personalized photos

ToonApp’s built-in filters and effects swiftly transform portraits, ready to be shared as distinctive profile pictures on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Pinterest. Users can also merge multiple cartoon pictures, crafting fabulous caricatures with bold backgrounds, perfect for creating standout photo series on Snapchat and TikTok. Unleash your creativity and share your uniquely stylized creations with the world through these dynamic features.

Face-swapping function

The app offers the intriguing feature of Face Swap Art, allowing users to transform their faces into animated styles and seamlessly attach them to cartoon bodies within the app or from external sources, creating flawless cartoon personas. With various Face Swapping styles, including funny caricatures and big head styles, users can even customize the size of their heads. Join the ToonApp community by sharing these amusing creations with the hashtag #BigHeadChallenge and be a part of the fun and vibrant world of it.


Photo editing tools

ToonApp’s face editing application stands out with a comprehensive set of photo editing tools akin to those found in professional photo editors. Users can import existing images or capture a selfie with the cartoon camera. The transformation begins by selecting from its diverse digital art filters. Detailed AI-integrated photo editing tools allow for precise adjustments, including face size, eye color, and hair color. This empowering process enables users to break free from constraints, deciding which facial features to retain or modify, resulting in a beautifully animated image.

Remove background function

The app excels in automatic background removal, positioning itself as a specialized app for seamlessly changing backgrounds in all images. Elevating the artistic quality of images, a more captivating wallpaper enhances the overall visual appeal. The user-friendly interface allows for swift background changes in just 2-3 taps, eliminating the need for intricate processes like marking the object or assembling a new background. The outcome rivals that of a professional photo editor, showcasing the app’s efficiency in delivering polished and visually stunning results with ease.


Arbitrary drawing

The app introduces the Magic Brush & Pencil Sketch Photo Editor, offering a comprehensive suite of drawing and sketching tools. Users can blend these tools to apply magical transformations to images, turning mundane visuals into vibrant, fun artworks. The creative possibilities are limitless, allowing users to incorporate shining heart shapes, sparkling stars, and a spectrum of colors. Whether utilizing cute avatar filters or exploring vector art effects and oil painting filters, ToonApp provides a diverse range of tools to support creative expression, seamlessly transforming photos into painting dollify or bitmoji through breathtaking oil painting and cartoon editing effects.


Download ToonApp now!

ToonApp stands out as an excellent tool for crafting profiles and enhancing images through a diverse range of cartoon, caricature, and artistic styles. It ensures an enjoyable experience, adding a touch of creativity to your social media feed with compelling photos.

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