Total Commander
Total Commander
  • Name Total Commander
  • Version 3.42
  • Mod Features Unlocked
  • Size 3M
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Introduction of Total Commander

What is Total Commander?

Total Commander, an Android adaptation of the renowned desktop file manager, facilitates efficient organization of files on Android devices. As a versatile application, it streamlines file management, enabling users to effortlessly arrange and access information on their smartphones and tablets. By simply downloading and launching the app, users gain control over their device’s data, ensuring a seamless and organized digital experience. Embodying the legacy of its desktop counterpart, Total Commander for Android empowers users to navigate and manage their files with ease.

Total Commander

What are the advantages of Total Commander?

The app for mobile devices extends the legacy of its computer counterpart, offering active data management through dual windows on smartphones and tablets. With this app, users can effortlessly handle all aspects of file and data management – from basic tasks like deletion, addition, renaming, and folder creation to advanced operations like file synchronization. The intuitive interface ensures ease of use, even for first-time users.

Beyond basic management, it boasts essential built-in features that enhance data control, centralizing files for easier access. The application supports file comparison, archive creation, FTP protocol-based file transfers, and drag-and-drop functionality. Notably, it facilitates batch file renaming, a feature previously exclusive to PCs. The foundation of Total Commander lies in its intuitive Drag & Drop functionality, akin to computer operations, allowing seamless movement of multiple files on mobile devices.

Total Commander

Two features of Total Commander

Powerful and useful functions

The app for mobile devices delivers a comprehensive set of utility features reminiscent of PC file management software. Users gain access to familiar actions such as copying, cutting, pasting, renaming, and changing file locations, providing unparalleled convenience. The app extends functionality by enabling compression, decompression, and direct document editing on smartphones. Its versatility further shines through the integration of plug-ins, seamlessly supporting popular cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft Live.

Additionally, built-in plug-ins facilitate access to LAN, WebDav, FTP, and offline file sharing via Bluetooth. The inclusion of a thumbnail jigsaw function enhances directory management, displaying search history in a clear and intuitive manner. The app excels in optimizing tasks, offering a user-friendly interface suitable for everyone and ensuring efficient control over diverse functionalities.

Total Commander

Diverse language systems

The app caters to a diverse user base by offering multilingual support in an extensive array of languages. Currently available in English, German, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese, the application ensures a global reach and user-friendly experience for individuals worldwide.

This multilingual capability allows users to seamlessly switch between languages as needed during their interactions with the application, accommodating a broad spectrum of linguistic preferences and enhancing accessibility. Whether users prefer to navigate the app in their native language or explore its features in a language of their choice, it ensures a personalized and adaptable experience, contributing to its inclusivity and user satisfaction. The ability to effortlessly switch language settings adds an extra layer of versatility, making it a truly global file management solution that transcends linguistic barriers for users around the world.

Total Commander

Download Total Commander now!

Total Commander, a compact application, occupies minimal memory yet delivers substantial advantages, akin to a diligent caretaker in a spacious residence. It actively organizes and structures your data, functioning as an efficient custodian for seamless management and effortless retrieval whenever required.

This app acts like an attentive curator, ensuring your digital space is tidy and systematically arranged, optimizing control and simplifying the search process. Despite its modest size, it proves invaluable, offering a streamlined approach to data organization, much like an adept custodian maintaining order in a vast estate, contributing to a more accessible and well-managed digital environment.

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