• Name Truecaller
  • Version 13.53.5
  • Mod Features Premium Unlocked
  • Size 80M
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Truecaller has become widely acclaimed for its capacity to protect individuals from deceptive, bothersome, and harmful calls. Utilizing sophisticated functionalities, the application enables users to recognize incoming phone numbers, offering a barrier against potential scams and unwelcome disruptions. The increasing favorability towards Truecaller underscores its efficacy in bolstering communication security and furnishing users with a dependable safeguard against undesired calls and potential hazards.


Truecaller distinguishes itself as a versatile Android application seamlessly combining a strong Caller ID, Dialer, and Spam Detector, delivering users a comprehensive communication solution. In a digital environment flooded with robocalls and fraudulent activities, it emerges as a guardian, granting protection and empowerment to users. The app’s inventive features enable the effortless identification of unknown phone numbers, thwarting potential threats and ensuring a secure communication experience.

Beyond its core function of caller identification, Truecaller enhances the user experience by serving as a dependable shield against unwelcome disruptions. As the digital landscape evolves, Truecaller remains at the forefront, addressing the contemporary challenges of communication security and solidifying its position as an indispensable tool for Android users.



Supports caller ID and recognition

A notable feature of Truecaller is its state-of-the-art Caller ID functionality, representing the pinnacle of the app’s capabilities. This potent element empowers users to recognize the identity of unknown callers, offering crucial information for informed decisions on whether to answer or ignore calls. What distinguishes Truecaller is its capacity not only to disclose the caller’s identity but also to provide insights into the purpose behind the call.

This proves to be invaluable when dealing with calls from unfamiliar numbers, telemarketers, or potential fraudsters. Moreover, the Caller ID serves as a dynamic resource, consistently updated by millions of users globally. This real-time updating mechanism ensures that users can proactively block unwanted numbers, contributing to a seamless and secure communication experience within the ever-evolving landscape of digital connectivity.


Receiving and sending messages

Truecaller expands its functionality beyond identifying callers, seamlessly integrating into your communication hub by acting as a comprehensive text messaging application. This versatile feature enables users not only to send and receive messages but also to schedule future messages, elevating the convenience of communication. Going beyond conventional messaging capabilities, it takes a proactive approach against unwanted communication by automatically recognizing and blocking unknown, spam, scam, or telemarketing SMS.

The app’s organizational efficiency is evident in its automatic categorization of messages into distinct tabs, including Personal, Important, Other, and Spam. This systematic organization ensures that users can easily navigate through their messages, prioritizing and engaging with them based on relevance and importance, thereby providing a streamlined and effective messaging experience.


Provide number blocking function

Truecaller’s array of functionalities includes a robust tool for blocking calls from specific phone number series, providing an additional layer of control over unwelcome calls. Users can easily enter the targeted serial number, activating the feature instantly and efficiently filtering out undesired calls within that series. Going a step further in customization, it empowers users to manage their messaging space by allowing the blocking of messages from particular individuals.

This feature operates seamlessly by blocking messages based on the sender’s name, ensuring that users can shape their communication environment. The capability to create a comfortable space by not receiving messages from designated individuals adds a personalized aspect to Truecaller, reinforcing its dedication to empowering users with tools to customize their communication experience according to their preferences and needs.


Download Truecaller Now!

Secure your communication stronghold by downloading Truecaller now! With cutting-edge features such as Caller ID, message management, and potent blocking tools, Truecaller protects you from deceptive calls and bothersome messages. Stay ahead in the digital landscape – a dependable defense against unwelcome disruptions. Don’t overlook the changing terrain of secure communication. Embrace Truecaller for a smooth and safeguarded mobile experience!

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