• Name Voloco
  • Version 8.10.0
  • Mod Features Premium Unlocked
  • Size 29M
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Introduction of Voloco

What is Voloco?

Voloco, a mobile application, turns your smartphone into a professional recording studio, enabling the capture of vocals and diverse sounds in top-notch quality. Utilizing a user-friendly interface, the application provides a convenient method for producing studio-quality recordings while on the move. Unlock your creative potential and transform your mobile device into a versatile recording tool by downloading it today.


Who utilizes Voloco?

Boasting an extensive user community approaching 60 million downloads, this application is popular among a diverse group of musicians, singers spanning different genres, and content creators, including streamers. Its broad acceptance within professional circles underscores its efficacy in capturing vocals and a range of audio elements. More than just a recording tool, it stands out as a crucial resource for editing and crafting customized sounds and songs. Become part of the multitude of Voit users who rely on it for their audio recording requirements, emphasizing its dependability and adaptability in capturing and enhancing audio content.


What enables Voloco to capture recordings with studio-grade quality?

Setting itself apart from other recording applications, it attains genuine studio quality by employing advanced Auto Noise Cancellation. This functionality guarantees a uniform, high-caliber sound throughout all frequencies, preserving impeccable clarity.

The application provides two methods for enhancing sound quality: preset Templates (like male voice, female voice, or rap music) for immediate, genre-specific modifications, and manual settings that empower users to finely adjust every facet of the recording. Whether selecting presets or making manual tweaks, this application assures studio-grade audio, offering flexibility and command for crafting flawless recordings customized to individual preferences.


Two features of Voloco

Record high quality sound

Transforming your mobile device into a portable studio with minimal space and battery usage, this application revolutionizes personal audio recording. It overcomes the limitations of traditional home recordings, delivering high-quality, studio-grade sound without the need for costly equipment or professional studios.

Equipped with advanced filtering and noise cancellation, the app ensures clarity in every recording. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the recording process—make a few adjustments, press the Record button, and capture voices, vocals, ambient sounds, or even a hummed tune with professional-grade quality.

Demonstrating versatility, the app provides preset Templates for various genres, enabling swift adjustments, while manual settings grant meticulous control over sound elements. Whether you’re a musician, content creator, or recording for leisure, it provides a seamless and efficient solution for producing exceptional audio recordings on your mobile device.


Impressive beat editing capabilities

Simplifying the music creation process, this application grants users access to an extensive selection of free beats created by renowned music producers, facilitating effortless singing, rapping, or mixing background beats. The app’s automatic beat detection ensures optimal synchronization between vocals and beats, promoting a seamless fusion for harmonious end results.

Going beyond pre-existing beats, it empowers users with intricate sound processing tools that make it easy to refine recorded sounds. The app offers comprehensive audio trimming, equalization, and versatile effects such as smooth fade-ins and fade-outs. The combination of a built-in beat collection and advanced processing capabilities enables users to extract the highest sound quality from recordings, creating a dynamic platform for creative expression.

Distinguishing itself as a versatile tool suitable for both novices and experienced users, the app provides a diverse range of features for crafting professional-sounding beats and enhancing the overall music creation experience.


Download Voloco now!

Providing users with a thorough recording experience, the Voloco recording app comes equipped with a variety of editing tools, beat options, and sophisticated sound processing. If you’re in need of a mobile sound recording solution, feel free to download this app directly from here without incurring any charges.

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