Volume Styles
Volume Styles
  • Name Volume Styles
  • Version 4.4.0
  • Mod Features Premium Unlocked
  • Size 6M
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Introduction of Volume Styles

What kind of application is Volume Styles?

Volume Styles is a sophisticated Android application created to tackle problems associated with modifying the volume on your smartphone. Have you faced difficulties in controlling your mobile phone’s volume, finding it either excessively loud or insufficiently low for your preferences? Maybe the ringtone and other volume settings are too noticeable, while the alarm volume lacks adequacy for effective reminders. This inconvenience significantly affects our everyday routines, leading to the development of Volume Styles.

Make use of this application to adjust the volume indicators for various sounds and applications. Elevate your phone’s customization and tailor it to align with your preferences more effectively with the help of this tool.

Volume Styles

What are the advantages of Volume Styles?

This app provides numerous benefits, with its primary strength lying in its ability to customize volume settings for each individual application. Inconsistencies in volume levels among various apps often result in significant inconvenience for users. For example, when engaged in a game with a minimal volume bar, users might have to increase the overall phone volume to hear the sound. However, transitioning to another app, such as watching a video with higher volume, leads to the phone producing a loud and jarring sound. Therefore, this application is crucial as it empowers users to manage the volume for each app separately, eliminating the necessity to adjust the volume for the entire device.

Upon launching this app, you will encounter a settings page that allows you to configure options for volume bars. Within the “App Volume” feature, you’ll discover a list of all the installed apps on your phone. By selecting a specific app, you can fine-tune its volume level to your liking.

Moreover, this application allows the creation of distinct volume profiles for various apps. For instance, if you enjoy listening to music while playing games, you can set it up so that music apps have a high volume setting while gaming apps have a lower volume setting. This functionality facilitates the convenient use of different programs.

Volume Styles

Two features of Volume Styles

Hearing protection

The application offers a user-friendly and beneficial function by warning users when their volume exceeds safe levels, posing potential harm to their hearing. The primary purpose of this safety warning feature is to help users protect their auditory health.

Studies suggest that volume levels below 70 decibels are considered safe for the ears, while prolonged exposure to 85 decibels over 2 hours can result in ear damage. If the volume escalates to the range of 105-110 dB, ear issues can arise within a mere 5 minutes. Thus, the app acts as a precautionary measure by notifying users when the volume surpasses the established safe threshold.

Hearing problems are becoming more prevalent in modern society. Unlike certain health issues, recovering one’s hearing is a time-consuming process, and even after an extended period, full restoration may not be achievable. The safety warning feature in Volume Styles serves as a remedy for this concern, contributing to the safeguarding of your hearing.

Volume Styles

Arbitrary adjustment of the interface

The application provides an extra useful feature, allowing users to customize the interface during volume adjustments. While this might not immediately grab attention, using this functionality leads to an aesthetically pleasing interface. Users can alter the appearance of the volume bar when it is displayed, adding elements like columns, molds, and other options. Additionally, users can elevate the visual appeal by integrating different attractive effects, preventing it from looking dull or repetitive.

Volume Styles

Download Volume Styles now!

In conclusion, for individuals looking to adjust their phone’s audio system with ease, Volume Styles comes highly recommended. With a plethora of features facilitating phone customization, choosing Volume Styles is a wise decision, especially if you’re grappling with audio imbalance issues.

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