• Name Walli
  • Version 2.12.60
  • Mod Features Premium Unlocked
  • Size 34M
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Introduction of Walli

What kind of application is Walli?

Walli, a mobile app crafted for individuals in search of varied and artistic phone backgrounds, has amassed a global user community surpassing 3 million. It turns your mobile screen into a realm of creativity, serving as a lively center for distinctive wallpapers, each serving as an enchanting piece of art. Boasting an extensive assortment, the app guarantees an immediate enhancement in aesthetics for users across the globe, delivering a visually immersive experience that goes beyond simple wallpaper selection.


What are the advantages of Walli?

Walli presents a carefully chosen array of top-notch artistic wallpapers, offering users a space to express their creativity by customizing mobile wallpapers. The app’s extensive range guarantees an abundance of gorgeous phone backgrounds, enabling users to turn their devices into distinctive and visually appealing manifestations of personal style. Beyond just providing wallpapers, this app serves as a creative outlet, enriching the overall aesthetic journey for Android phone users.


Three features of Walli

High quality cell phone wallpapers

Distinguished as a leading wallpaper application, this app boasts an expansive assortment of over 1500 high-quality, original HD images sourced from the portfolios of more than 80 professional artists worldwide. The app sets itself apart by its dedication to showcasing creative achievements, with each image thoughtfully selected to enhance your mobile experience.

Consistently unveiling new wallpapers from emerging artists on a daily basis, the app ensures a varied array of styles for users to explore and customize their devices. A notable feature of Walli is its seamless compatibility with various devices; the integrated auto-adjust functionality effortlessly tailors each wallpaper to suit all sizes of phones and tablets. With this application, users can effortlessly turn their phones into captivating visual experiences, with each background reflecting the artistic brilliance of globally renowned and emerging talents alike.


Simple and vivid interface

Walli’s interface is designed with precision, aiming to provide users with a quick and enjoyable journey into the realm of aesthetic wallpapers. The app achieves this seamlessly through its minimalist interface. Users can easily navigate through a wealth of options within the unified Walli interface, which includes diverse categories like Recent (sorted by date), a list of popular wallpapers (reflecting user preferences), and a daily Featured category curated by the app’s editor.

For those with specific thematic preferences, the app offers a convenient solution. The wallpapers are thoughtfully organized into various Collections, spanning a wide range of themes such as Street art, Text and quotes, black wallpaper, cartoon style, horror style, animals, plants, and amusing shapes. This meticulous categorization ensures that users can easily explore and choose wallpapers tailored to their unique tastes.


Meet the Artist

Distinguishing itself, this application forges collaborations with a diverse group of 80 exceptionally talented professional artists hailing from various parts of the world. This global partnership results in an exclusive collection of highly artistic works, curated solely for this app and not available through other wallpaper applications. The uniqueness of its offerings lies in the exclusivity of the selected wallpapers, ensuring a genuinely unparalleled visual experience for smartphone users.

Each artist associated with this app brings forth their distinctive style and signature, covering a spectrum from tranquil and surreal compositions to whimsical and delightful imagery. The array of artistic personalities accommodates diverse preferences, enabling users to discover wallpapers that align with their individual tastes.

Furthermore, this app functions as an ideal platform for discovering and connecting with favorite artists. Beyond being a source of visually appealing wallpapers, these artists can serve as wellsprings of inspiration for individuals involved in creative pursuits. Exploring the app may unlock a treasure trove of ideas, fueling the creative process and offering fresh perspectives for their own work.


Download Walli now!

Steering away from the conventional scenery of regular mobile wallpaper apps, this application showcases a unique, creative, and varied array of wallpapers that captures attention in its own distinct way. If you’re in search of distinctive artistic wallpapers, be sure to download Walli for an unparalleled experience.

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