WiFi Mouse Pro
WiFi Mouse Pro
  • Name WiFi Mouse Pro
  • Version 5.3.3
  • Mod Features Patched
  • Size 29M
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Introduction of WiFi Mouse Pro

What is WiFi Mouse Pro?

WiFi Mouse Pro serves as a flexible mobile tool that cleverly converts your smartphone into a wireless mouse, offering a handy remedy for unexpected scenarios such as encountering a low battery during a presentation. At such times, the installation of WiFi Mouse Pro can make a significant difference, transforming your mobile device into a dependable substitute for a conventional mouse.

This app is exceptionally useful in pivotal meetings, guaranteeing that you’re always prepared. Bid farewell to the frustration of a drained mouse battery and welcome the ease of a smoothly integrated wireless mouse experience on your mobile device.

WiFi Mouse Pro

Do you want to turn your cell phone into a wireless mouse?

Have you ever found yourself in a presentation dilemma when your mouse unexpectedly stops working, or experienced the inconvenience of carrying extra peripherals? Maybe your current mouse isn’t compatible with a different operating system, or your laptop’s trackpad freezes in the middle of a task. Even in gaming scenarios, such as FPS shooting, where a mouse is preferable but a controller is all you have.

In these challenging situations, having an extra mouse may not always be feasible. However, there’s a solution – transform your mobile device into a wireless mouse using this application. While it may not be as seamless as a physical mouse, it serves as a practical backup plan that connects via the local network, rescuing you from unforeseen hitches. Stay prepared; install WiFi Mouse Pro on your phone and avoid potential awkward moments.

WiFi Mouse Pro

Three features of WiFi Mouse Pro

Ability to move the wireless mouse quickly

After installing this application and configuring some key settings, unleash a flexible wireless mouse experience with extensive compatibility. This tool effortlessly converts your mobile device into a fully functional wireless mouse, easily adjusting to desktops or laptops running on Linux, Windows, or Mac OS. As long as there’s an internal network connection, the transition is rapid, requiring only a few minutes.

Your reliable mobile device transforms into a dynamic wireless controller, providing you the flexibility to navigate within your internal network while efficiently handling work tasks, music, movies, games, and reading—all made convenient with a wireless mouse at your disposal.

WiFi Mouse Pro

Emulates the full functionality of a wireless mouse

WiFi Mouse Pro turns your mobile device into an effective wireless mouse, providing the accuracy and smooth functionality expected from a dedicated mouse. Upon initiating the application, personalize DPI and various indicators to match your tasks, incorporating multi-touch gestures. With its wide compatibility, effortlessly use your mobile to oversee applications, programs, and hardware devices. Effortlessly navigate through platforms like YouTube and Spotify, initiate software, access files, and edit documents.

In gaming situations, the virtual mouse serves as a gamepad, offering unhindered gameplay and additional features like screen capture. Noteworthy is its proficiency in managing presentations, enabling the remote control of PPT or Keynote files with the precision of a computer mouse. This versatile application ensures seamless navigation through diverse tasks and scenarios, effectively addressing unforeseen challenges.

WiFi Mouse Pro

Supported connection types

Since its creation, this application simplifies the process of turning your mobile device into a mouse, establishing a seamless connection to computers or devices through the local network. Alternatively, it provides Bluetooth compatibility for devices that support this connection method. With broad compatibility across popular operating systems, it guarantees hassle-free connectivity.

After installation, you have the flexibility to explore its mouse-transforming features on different operating systems. Conducting tests at home beforehand ensures a quick response in urgent situations, establishing WiFi Mouse Pro as a dependable tool for various scenarios and systems.

WiFi Mouse Pro

Download WiFi Mouse Pro now!

Utilizing WiFi Mouse Pro, your standard mobile device seamlessly converts into a wireless computer mouse upon connection. Consequently, you have a dependable backup plan for the mouse—an indispensable peripheral for all computer-related tasks.

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