• Name XCamera
  • Version 1.1.0
  • Mod Features Pro Unlocked
  • Size 11M
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Introduction of XCamera

What is XCamera?

XCamera, a groundbreaking photography and editing tool, transforms the digital adventure by delivering users a seamless and top-tier encounter. Unlike competing camera lens applications that fall short in meeting specific requirements, this application distinguishes itself with its advanced photo and video editing features. While many apps in this genre present challenges for beginners, it stands out with its user-friendly interface, ensuring effortless operation for everyone.

The app not only streamlines the photo and video editing process but also enriches the overall virtual life experience. Bid farewell to the complications and time-consuming customizations of other applications, as XCamera emerges as the preferred solution for those in search of a smoother, more convenient, and superior visual journey. It’s time to enhance your photography and editing prowess with this innovative tool!


What are the advantages of XCamera?

XCamera, an Android-exclusive top-tier camera lens application, takes your photography venture to professional levels. Once integrated into your device, it turns ordinary selfies into fresh, high-quality masterpieces, replicating the performance of high-end professional cameras.

Apart from its outstanding output, this application sets itself apart with a design centered around users, prioritizing convenience at every step. The careful attention to detail is apparent in the strategically positioned buttons and the simplicity of customized operations.

In contrast to other apps that might be overly intricate or require extensive learning, it ensures a user-friendly encounter. Its moderation, conciseness, and simplicity render it accessible to all, eliminating the necessity for prolonged learning or practice. Embrace the simplicity and elegance that XCamera brings to your photography journey, effortlessly capturing moments with a professional touch.


Two features of XCamera

Intelligent photography mode for easy operation

Presenting a genuine camera lens, this application offers seven distinct shooting modes: normal image, video recording, professional shooting, food photography, square photography, and wide panorama. Each mode incorporates an Auto setting finely calibrated to standard parameters, derived from the optimal parameter sets of renowned photographers. Not only does the app provide these predefined options, but it also empowers users to personalize data and image parameters, enabling the creation of artistic pictures that align with their creative visions.

Additionally, the app enriches the photography experience with 19 real-time filters seamlessly integrated into each shooting mode. Users can easily pre-select these filters, eliminating the need for additional adjustments in post-production. The app stands out with its powerful HDR feature, allowing users to capture intricate details in highlights and shadows, ensuring dynamic images without blur. This remarkable feature enhances subject tracking, delivering exceptionally high image quality and unlocking a myriad of creative possibilities. With this application, indulge in a comprehensive array of features crafted to elevate your photography effortlessly and creatively.


A wide range of convenient extra features

XCamera goes above and beyond with its exceptional range of features, providing users unmatched customization options to adjust nearly every vital aspect crucial for a professional camera according to their preferences. Whether it’s the lens focus operation for zooming in and out or the White Balance function cluster that restores the original image color and allows customization of color intensity, this application empowers users with creative control. The Custom Exposure feature enables the adjustment of ISO settings to accommodate different lighting conditions, be it day, noon, or night.

Moreover, the app includes a self-timer feature, ensuring that shots taken with both front and back cameras exhibit exceptional sharpness and clarity, surpassing the quality offered by other devices. With Snapshot and Continuous shot options, users can fully immerse themselves in the moment, capturing entire sequences without the concern of missing any memorable instances. This app truly distinguishes itself as a versatile and user-centric photography tool, providing an array of customization features to enhance every facet of the photographic experience.


Download XCamera now!

Offering an intuitive and accessible interface, this application simplifies the use of its intelligent and professional HD camera lens feature, ensuring accessibility for users of all levels. Utilizing XCamera for image capture translates to a streamlined process, effectively saving time on virtual selfies.

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