1979 Revolution Black Friday
1979 Revolution Black Friday
  • Name 1979 Revolution Black Friday
  • Version 1.2.7
  • Mod Features Full Game
  • Size 2 GB
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

1979 Revolution Black Friday is a very immersive text adventure game. Players interact with a variety of people and gain useful information as they explore the scene. There is no political appeal or religious purpose here, just because the brutal production caused the loss of her cousin. The game also has a cinematic picture story.

1. Introduction about 1979 Revolution Black Friday

The 1979 Revolution Black Friday is based on the revolution that overthrew the monarchy in real Iran. The game is a reporter’s perspective into the great coup and vividly restore the historical facts of the time.

It is not only an entertainment game, but also an educational one, which designed to inform players about history and politics. It also explores important themes of power, resistance, revolution, and personal responsibility.

The game get a lot of excellent reviews after its release. It has been praised for its depth, narrative quality and unique themes. It also offers players a new experience, allowing them to feel and think about the impact of historical events firsthand.

1979 Revolution Black Friday

2. Outstanding Features

A true story with history

The 1979 Revolution Black Friday begins with the revolution that overthrew the monarchy in real Iran. The game cuts into the great coup from the perspective of a journalist and vividly restores the historical facts at that time. It mainly tells the story of how he joined the revolution for his cousin and joined the people in demanding the overthrow of the monarchy.

As a journalist, you need to lead people to the real truth. The Iranian monarchy revolution at that time was clearly about the birth of a new regime, so you had to fight against it. Cinema-quality footage will show you the best moments in history. You’ll also explore bustling city streets with secret headquarters and tumultuous protests.

Important choices and profound lessons

The “hostage crisis” during the 1979 Revolution Black Friday, a confrontation between protesters and the state, was one of the most notable incidents. The day became known as “Black Friday” when the National Security Forces burned dozens of people to death.

1979 Revolution Black Friday

In 1979 Revolution Black Friday, you will experience large narrative and interactive scenarios, combining puzzles, stealth and other dangerous stimuli. As a journalist you need to collect evidence, take photos, write stories and so on. You have to risk your life and make hard choices. Each choice you make will generate a different outcome. The game also added a lot of real photo materials and style realism, with a strong sense of historical substitution.

The choices you make will affect your experience of the revolution and the fate of those around you both now and in the future. Branching film stories tell us what’s going on through motion capture, both picture and sound.

1979 Revolution Black Friday

To get a full reorganization of that war-torn history

In the game, you will personally participate in a number of real cases that took place during the Iranian Revolution. You will encounter strikes and protests, homeless mothers alone with their newborn babies, and you will have to make countless difficult choices in order to survive.

Your choices are also key to driving the plot and determining the outcome. Of course, we also need to make good use of the camera in the hands of the protagonist, and compare the captured images with the real photos in the game so as to feel the strong visual impact and spiritual shock. You also have a obligation to make people understand the history of the war more comprehensively.

A subject for reflection and remembrance

Many perspectives of the game are the use of film style “shooting Angle”, and it very feel like watching a movie. The text selection has a time limit, so you need to react and choose in time. The theme games about state power are mostly to trigger people’s reflection and commemoration. Revolution is often accompanied by bloodshed, top-down or bottom-up revolution no matter which kind of inevitable.

As mentioned above, the game is based on a true story. The story of the game is rich and engaging, and it also brings interactive action scenes for you to unlock. You can explore the unknown and make your choice. But what you need to know is that your different decisions affect the direction and resolution of the plot. You also need to continue to complete more missions in the game.

1979 Revolution Black Friday

Realistic picture style

The picture style of the game is very realistic, with a strong sense of substitution, and the picture style is full of tension. There are even many real historical photos inserted into the animation.

3. Download 1979 Revolution Black Friday Right Now

This is a game that will increase your historical visual and knowledge. What are you waiting for? download and have a try right now!

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