33RD: Random Defense
33RD: Random Defense
  • Name 33RD: Random Defense
  • Version 3.9.5
  • Mod Features Mega Menu
  • Size 120 MB
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

33RD: Random Defense is a tower defense strategy game. There are a variety of defensive tower characters for you to choose from, and the cartoon style is more interesting. As the enemy invades, you need to build a variety of defensive towers and defeat your enemies in order to gain resources to boost your defensive tower stats. Only by constantly breaking through a level can you unlock more types of defensive towers and experience more fun tower defense games.

1. Introduction about 33RD: Random Defense

33RD: Random Defense uses an interesting pixelated cartoon style design with easy gameplay to make people easily attracted to it. In the game, you need to organize your own tower defense combat team. There may be many random events during the game, because different events will bring different debuff. The game also has single player, co-op,and versus modes for you to challenge. You need to take down the monster as soon as possible and not let the monster increase. There are various probability events in the game, and you can try your luck here.

33RD: Random Defense

2. Outstanding Features

Select and upgrade tower defense characters to help you fight

In 33RD: Random Defense, you will set up a variety of different characters to help you in tower defense battles. And all kinds of characters in the game have different ways of fighting, so you need to choose the most suitable tower defense role to help you better complete the battle.

This game will bring you a rich tower defense combat experience. After you enter the level of the game, you need to place different turrets and these turrets can be upgraded, because each time you increase the level, you can greatly improve the strength of your turrets.

33RD: Random Defense

Unique levels of difficulty

There will be different difficulty levels in the game, so you can place a variety of different turrets to play a lot of battles. At the same time, you also need to challenge more enemies. When you are facing enemies coming from all sides, you can put defensive walls around it. You need to defend your home, so upgrade your turrets to strengthen your defenses and increase the damage of your shots.

Multiple modes

There are several modes you can play in the game. The single-player mode has more than 100 levels to challenge, and you can earn rewards from them. If it’s in battle mode, then you can form your own exclusive strategic animal troops and compete with users around the world in real time. For co-op mode, you need to work with your friends to stop a swarm of monsters and challenge the highest record.

The game also features a new tower defense mode. You no longer need to constantly build and upgrade defensive towers along the route, but you just need to match your team before battle.

33RD: Random Defense

Choose your weapon to defend against enemy invasion

You need to choose your weapon, and you can begin to defend against the enemy invasion. Sometimes your enemies will get stronger, so the position and collocation of the tower is important. Sometimes you have the option of going backwards, so you need to be flexible in your strategy.

This game will provide you with a battle and crazy shooting experience. Super firepower will make you very shocked. A lot of level building makes you have an incredibly enjoyable process.

Make a certain strategy to destroy the enemy

You need to build defensive towers and deploy soldiers. In order to protect your base against enemy attacks, you need to develop certain strategies to eliminate the enemy and destroy the enemy’s base in order to win.

There will be countless players and everyone will be fighting for glory. Mainland challenges are everywhere. You should make full use of your success and make more achievements to prove your strength. You have hundreds of weapons in your hands. You can mix and match freely. As long as you can withstand three waves of enemy attacks, you can win the game.

33RD: Random Defense

3. Download 33RD: Random Defense Right Now

In 33RD: Random Defense, you can collect a wide variety of weapons and unlock more characters through tower defense battles. These characters and weapons make it easier for you to destroy incoming enemies and successfully complete tower defense missions. Different gameplay in the game can give you a different tower defense game experience. What are you waiting for? Give it a try.

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