7 Days to End with You
7 Days to End with You
  • Name 7 Days to End with You
  • Version 1.1.06
  • Mod Features Full Game Unlocked
  • Size 27 MB
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

7 Days to End with You is an innovative game that deduces the meaning of words to interpret the content of the story. You need to decipher the unknown language to make sense of the hidden story. Interpreting the meaning of each word through everything you feel, and as you do so, the story changes. What kind of story can you create with your rich imagination?

1. Introduction about 7 Days to End with You

Understand the language, understand the world, and then understand you. You know nothing of the language of the world. Even so,you still need to try to interpret what the person is saying.

Perhaps like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, you need to deduce the meaning of each word in his words. You can interpret what the person in front of you has to say the way you want. Your relationship, your understanding of these words, forms your story in 7 Days to End with You.

Your world is different depending on how you understand it. The final story may end mundane and hasty, or it may become wonderful and long. Even both are possible. The story is complete through your interpretation. Everything you feel, everything you read, is right. Even if you don’t understand this time, you still have the opportunity to try many times. This is a short but long story that takes place in 7 Days to End with You

7 Days to End with You

2. Outstanding Features

Working out a story that’s completely unverifiable

One of the hardest skills to learn could be language in certain aspects. It is evident that they believe their degree of foreign language proficiency is good, but it is important that it be applied practically; a phrase cannot be uttered in half a day, and it is awful to be abruptly thrust into an unfamiliar language context. It’s understandable why some believe that language is the primary factor dividing humans.

But 7 Days to End with You, the most exciting and interesting place is actually here. On a very small production scale and with slightly gritty pixel graphics, it tries to use the communication gap as a means to stimulate the player to deduce a story that is completely unverifiable.

7 Days to End with You

The key that determines the course of all events

The story’s narrative point of view is on you, the character who is memoryless. When you wake up in bed, you can’t even recall why you’re in the room, let alone your name, age, or face. A redhead girl who appears to know where you are and treats you with extreme kindness and gentleness is the only person who could have any idea.

Unfortunately, you are incapable of comprehending a single word that she says. In contrast, your life seems to go by faster than it seems, as the game’s title implies, the narrative spans seven days. The secret to deciding how things turn out is to see if you can uncover all the information the story aims to impart to everyone before the very final second.

7 Days to End with You

The vicious loop is automatically broken by language learning

The game’s words feel more like the solution than the actual words. To be honest, it’s difficult to categorize 7 Days to End with You into a specific genre. It does, on the one hand, feature the typical themes and elements of a text adventure game, such as a pivotal figure connected to the narrative, an unavoidable structure, and a mystery surrounding the player. However, the player does not have complete influence over the plot because of your ability to perceive what is happening. The time in the game will pass until the end and the start of the next round of the game. Learning a language is the only way to break this cycle.

7 Days to End with You

Adventure click game mode

The main game mode of 7 Days to End with You is somewhat of a click adventure. You need to move and investigate with a cursor in a small room, and the girl will give a verbal explanation of what the cursor touches. Each survey and move pushes the time of day forward. In addition, some unexpected events may also bring unexpected breakthroughs to the process of language learning.

3. Download 7 Days to End with You Right Now

When taken as a totality, 7 Days to End with You is a novel idea combined with a low volume game that has a brilliant decryption design. Ideal for those with a propensity for extended thought. So what are you waiting for? Come and have a try!

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