8 Ball Blitz
8 Ball Blitz
  • Name 8 Ball Blitz
  • Version 1.00.99
  • Mod Features Mega Power, Long Line
  • Size 53.86 MB
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

8 Ball Blitz is themed around an American billiard background. The game uses beautiful and cute characters and 3D physics engine technology to bring real fun billiards experience to players around the world.

1. Introduction about 8 Ball Blitz

The rules of 8 Ball Blitz and traditional American billiards, with a high level of entertainment and competitive. You can choose to match a live opponent, or you can choose to play against a human. After kicking off, you need to drag the virtual club on the screen to control the direction and strength, hit all your balls into the bag, and finally hit the black 8 ball to win.

8 Ball Blitz

2. Outstanding Features

Real-time chat live interactive

8 Ball Blitz is released globally at the same time, truly realize the global player battle. You can chat with your friends in real time, meet new friends and talk about the game. The game restores the real physical environment and lets you hit the ball every time the impact is the same as in reality.

It is worth mentioning that in order to bring you a more real game experience, 8-ball billiards has a number of game modes for you to choose from, including 1V1 battle mode, limited time mode, bidding mode, qualifying mode and so on.

In addition, the game not only exercises your skills, but also allows you to play against players around the world in real time. You can interact with players around the world through the in-game chat system, make them your friends, opponents, compete with them in real time, and enjoy high-quality gaming experience.

8 Ball Blitz

Various game modes

In this game you can have many modes to choose from, including 1V1 mode, league mode, joystick machine, play with friends and practice.

In 1V1 mode, you will be looking for strange opponents in this mode, and two people will bet 25 chips each, and the winner of the game will get 50 chips.

In League mode, you will join other player’s league to challenge. You need to win against a strong opponent to advance to the next stage of the competition. There is a fee for you to enter the competition, but winning the comparison will give you a bigger prize. You can also bet on joystick games, which cost gold to play, but you can also get unexpectedly large chips.

You can play with friends, but you need to be on FaceBook to use the feature. In practice matches you will meet other players as opponents. It’s a place of constant learning and growth, so you can practice a few hands in your spare time.

8 Ball Blitz

Simple to play the game

8 Ball Blitz is board game of pool with an arcade style. Playing one-on-one matches in real-time, the multiplayer pool game brings back the traditional match style. You need to choose to pot the black in style or go for the easy shot, and the winner is the one who hits the eighth into the bag first. You may improve cues, get trophies and special cues, upgrade cues, and gain more advantages in this entertaining sports-themed puzzle game. You will be the ultimate king in the game.

8 Ball Blitz

Join the super social system and establish a connection

A strong super social system is provided by 8 Ball Blitz for individuals who enjoy gaming and socializing equally. You can invite friends, connect your Facebook account, and engage in enjoyable dialogues with pool players worldwide. By enabling you to speak with the pool manager of your choosing directly over live video chat, the game even more improves social engagement. There are actually countless chances for rivalry and friendship.

3. Download 8 Ball Blitz Right Now

If you are eager to play this game and can’t wait, click the download button to begin the process. After the download is finished, click the software glue to launch the game right now!

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