• Name AVATARA
  • Version 1.0.31
  • Mod Features Premium Unlocked
  • Size 121 MB
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

AVATARA is a third person shooter action game. In the game, players can choose between humans in the Earth and the people of Pandora to fight.

1. Introduction about AVATARA

AVATARA is also a very popular 2.5D type of adventure fighting game. The game is an evolution of the famous movie Avatar. The game screen uses the perfect technique so that players can enjoy the feeling.

In AVATARA, humans, of course, use the usual sci-fi warfare weapons or vehicles.They will give you a fresh experience of primordial, magical, superpowers, and giant alien monster rides. With the game system adding RPG-like upgrades and skills, both camps have their own characteristics. In AVATARA, you will be a real hero. Can you show your strong ability? Will you use your new powers to save your nation or stop humans from destroying their world?


2. Outstanding Features

Use your fighting skills and master your weapons

You will explore an incredible world and danger will always be with you. It’s full of carnivorous plants and ferocious beasts, and you have to hold on to your gun.

You must join the Na ‘vi to help them protect their world and accept their mission to fight and conquer the human invaders. In this game, you will play Na ‘vi combat skills and master your weapons, and don’t forget to cooperate with your team.


Enjoy strange gameplay and different challenges

This game will present you with a large fantasy world. Here you will have a wonderful fighting match, a variety of missions and feel unparalleled excitement.

You will also enjoy different fun, but you have to brave the gorgeous operational challenges. This wonderful and strange game process and different challenges will give you more fun. As long as you continue to challenge you will get more rewards and enjoy the excitement of the battle.

Character attributes, scenes and maps

This game contains a large number of character attributes, as well as a variety of different scenarios. There are also very magical maps and the most hardcore combat process are excellent existence in this game. Here you can fight freely and make full use of the strength of a large number of different heroes.

The game has the most intense combat content and all the gameplay is special blood to make you enjoy the most enjoyable combat experience. You will meet many opponents here and constantly challenge there are many exciting gameplay.


You must remain fearless and fight the darkness to the end. Of course, you can also easily have a lot of fun, and the game will provide you with countless ways to have fun. There are many different ways to play, all of which require good experimentation and allow you to easily harvest various rewards against the most powerful enemies and easily possess various loot.

Use a variety of weapons and gain more combat experience

Undoubtedly, you also need to choose the path forward based on your own characteristics. You have to constantly improve your strength to gradually become more powerful. Also, you will embark on an expedition in unknown places, which will require you to complete a glorious evolution to protect your home and defeat all powerful enemies.

AVATARA allows you to easily feel the fierce war. You need to use a variety of different weapons to start a new battle content. Here you will defeat more enemies and win the final victory in order to enjoy a smooth and extraordinary combat experience. So, now please start a new fight now to accumulate more combat experience.


3. Download AVATARA Right Now

You can start exciting matchups anytime and anywhere to become the strongest fighter in the game and write your own legendary path. Come and have a try right now!

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