Bad Piggies HD
Bad Piggies
  • Name Bad Piggies HD
  • Version 2.4.3389
  • Mod Features Unlocked
  • Size 38.64 MB
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Bad Piggies HD is a casual puzzle game. In the game, you have to help the Freckled Pig build a vehicle and complete the mission by flying, crawling, rolling, spinning, and hitting the pig to find map pieces or cakes.

1. Introduction about Bad Piggies

Bad Piggies HD adds various fun-filled levels and ten sandbox levels where you can unleash your creativity. There are several objects in the game that you can create all kinds of fun vehicles. You’ll also be able to collect cakes in the levels and feed them to the King Pig for rewards.

Bad Piggies HD

2. Outstanding Features about Bad Piggies

Test your thinking and hands-on skills

Bad Piggies HD is a great test of your thinking and hands-on skills. The designers focused on the side of the green pig as the villain, so the green pig finally turned into the protagonist of the game.

On top of that, Bad Piggies HD also subverts Trick or Treat Pig in terms of gameplay, instead of throwing things to smash buildings, you have to move green, weird piglets around different locations on a map to collect power-ups and achieve a goal, which is more like Cut the Rope in a way. Of course, Bad Piggies HD still uses the most popular physics game mechanics.

Pass levels to unlock more items

In each level of Bad Piggies HD, you’ll have to build all kinds of vehicles. You need to transport the green pig from point A to point B. Of course, there are very few materials and tools available at the beginning, and you’ll have to work your way through levels to improve your equipment, which will naturally increase the difficulty of the challenge in Bad Piggies HD. There are still three stars waiting for you in each level, and you’d better get them all.

It’s hard to say if Bad Piggies HD can replicate the success of its predecessors, but it’s all the essential ingredients for a good game, including fast, fun gameplay, colorful characters, great sound effects, and varying levels of difficulty.

Bad Piggies HD

Use various equipment to get your goals

The main character of Bad Piggies HD is the Green Pig, with fresh textures, a funny story, and lively music similar to the birds. In the game, you can easily find a lot of shadows of angry birds, and the game graphics also make you feel more intimate and relaxed. Like Angry Birds, Bad Piggies is also a puzzle game, but the gameplay is quite different because of the very simple objective of the game.

You can use all kinds of equipment to assemble a vehicle to bring the green pig to a safe location in Bad Piggies HD. Of course, you’ll have some extra goals in the game, and you’ll need to pass the level perfectly and get a three-star rating to be your ultimate goal. On top of that, in the game, you have to collect cakes to feed the legendary pig king, which also adds a bit of charm to the game.

Protect the piggy’s vehicle

If you have a balloon on top of the machine, you can control when the balloon pops to control the machine to accelerate its fall or adjust the direction of travel. If you have an electric fan and propeller installed, then you can control the direction in which the machine takes off and lands and the direction in which it floats. If you’re installing an engine or a rocket, you can control the speed at which you go horizontally.

Of course, there is no slingshot that you can use in the previous games, but the core of the game is still the gravity engine you are familiar with. Greedy little green pigs have no limbs, and if they leave the vehicle, they can only move by rolling, which is really incredible. So you’ll have to be careful not to destroy your vehicle. So if you want to get the three-star achievement, you must protect the piggy’s vehicle.

Bad Piggies HD

3. Download Bad Piggies HD Right Now

From what is mentioned above, You’ll never stop enjoying the piggy crashing, exploding, and flying! So, what are you waiting for? Come and have a try right now!

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