Mega Store
  • Name Mega Store
  • Version 1.2.1
  • Mod Features Unlimited money
  • Size 65 MB
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Mega Store is a very happy simulation business game. Players who enter the game become the owner of the store, opening a more wonderful experience. Players can bring more joy and adventure according to their own business philosophy and needs of the style. All the rewards of running their own store can be used for transformation.

1. Introduction about Mega Store

Mega Store is a very fun store simulation business game with cute cartoon painting style. You can freely operate your own characters. You can constantly explore the food and unlock more delicious things. You need to constantly upgrade your shop to attract more customers. Because of the casual fun game mode gameplay, you can easily and freely experience in the game. Players who like Mega Store games can download and play them directly on this site.

Mega Store

2. Outstanding Features

Decorate your store and experience various characters

There are many amazing items in your store, and you need to manage them carefully. Except the surprising goods that you have in the store may not your focus, and you may want to decorate your shop with many beautiful things.

Furthermore, this small game of store management has a variety of gameplay, which brings you joy, and allows you to experience various characters such as owners, farmers, and add fun to the game.

Mega Store

Manage your store regularly

In your shop, you must remain calm and cook properly for each customer. You have to be organized, even if there are many guests, don’t worry. Because only if you work methodically, your cooking speed will improve.

The town where you set up shop is big, so you can explore it. The farming life in the game is challenging and varied, and the game is free. If you want to be a farmer in the game, you have a variety of crops to choose from. You can plant, harvest, process and produce for free. You can choose to make your farm lovely, have fun and feel a sense of accomplishment.

Take care of customers’ emotions and make a friendly interaction with them

In this game world will give you a wonderful experience. You can always run your own shop in this game world. It gives you a different kind of adventure experience, running your own shop in the game.

You need to start with a small store and grow into a huge supermarket. Only by selling goods to customers, can you have more funds to upgrade the mall. So the most important thing to you is that you should take care of customers’ emotions, and friendly interaction.

Enjoy the selling pleasure with your friends

Together, you may discover novel offerings and local stores by becoming friends with many players. When your friends are present, some of the unique stores in Mega Store become even more fascinating and provide fresh opportunities for conversation or even the virtual mending of old connections. By shopping with friends, you can eventually accrue enough points to swap uncommon goods or awards at designated point stores.

Mega Store

By allowing you to construct a network of businesses or view the retail world from an amazing vantage point, Mega Store will provide you with fresh and captivating experiences. Above all, you may design or partake in a wide range of excellent and revitalizing activities, making your trips with families extremely potential rich.

3. Download Mega Store Right Now

You will start from a small store, and you will work your way up to becoming a large chain supermarket. you need to invest your first hard-earned cash in better products, improving your store, hiring workers, and most importantly to keep your customers happy.

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