• Name Ryuko
  • Version 1.3.1
  • Mod Features Menu/Money, God Mode
  • Size 160 MB
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Ryuko is a very fun adventure fighting game. Players need to go on adventures in the game according to the missions. The whole game style is very exquisite, but the game operation is difficult.

1. Introduction about Ryuko

Ryuko is an action RPG that blends elements of ninja fighter and samurai combat. You’ll battle the beasts of Japan’s five corrupt regions and experience exciting boss battles that will give you an open-world adventure experience. You’ll need to use different swords, blood bottles, and special skills to defeat all kinds of enemies. In this game, you will take part in Ryuko’s endless adventure.


2. Outstanding Features about Ryuko

Choose your favorite character to fight for you on realistic battlefields

Ryuko is also a ninja battle game that combines technical, ninja, samurai, and other elements. The game’s addictive gameplay and epic boss battles will give you an open-world adventure. You are the last ninja warrior to return from 20 years in the land of medieval Japan, facing beastly enemies in search of your grandfather.

In Ryuko, you can choose your favorite ninja character according to your preferences. You can battle a variety of beastly enemies and many types of ninjas in the vast lands of Kurome. Each enemy has different attributes, so you’ll need to adopt different strategies to defeat them.

The game also features a variety of realistic battlefields. You can use various types of swords, potions, and skills according to your fighting style and fighting habits. In this game, you can fuse ninja and shadow combat skills to fight for you.


Collect various items to upgrade your character and equipment

Ryuko has a wide range of levels, including five open areas. Each area has more powerful enemies and harder boss battles. There is also a city of hunters where you can rest, as well as various items that you can use to upgrade your character and equipment.

Ryuko also includes a lot of unique characters and enemies that you can discover about their unique characteristics and the stories behind them. Ryuko also has high-quality graphics that are inspired by medieval Japan and features many unique landmarks that will give you a taste of the mystical beauty of the Krome.


Well-designed levels and various skills and strategies in your gameplay

The well-designed levels in the game will not let you get bored, and the arrangement of various obstacles will also test your ability to operate. The game is also very simple, as a few virtual keys allow you to do everything. You only need the dexterity of your fingers to overcome all kinds of obstacles. The ninjas in the game are very agile in their movements.

You can experience the perfect dynamic enjoyment of actions as you manipulate the ninja character. There are 100 combinations of skills and strategies in the game that can motivate you to defeat many enemies. You’ll need to complete combat challenges and clear the levels.

Graphics and sounds


The game’s cool and gorgeous fighting style will make you feel like you’re fighting. The game’s graphics are very original, based on drawings, and interspersed with different chat texts. You will be impressed by the immersive operation mode and the very harmonious musical accompaniment.

Cartoon 2D-style game scenes and landscape mode will also make your visuals more stunning. In this game, you can easily give yourself the freedom to fight to the end, which will make you feel extremely relaxed and enjoy unlimited blood, youth, and fun.

3. Download Ryuko Right Now

You will enjoy a high degree of freedom, challenging various bosses in the wild at will, and it is easy to obtain the top equipment. Furthermore, it is very suitable for novice players to get started. A large number of dungeons are waiting for you to challenge the red-name boss to be more powerful and use your strength to defeat all kinds of enemies.

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