Stickman Hook
Stickman Hook
  • Name Stickman Hook
  • Version 9.5.0
  • Mod Features VIP, Unlocked Mode, Skin
  • Size 133 MB
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Stickman Hook is a casual puzzle game featuring Stickman as the main character. Players will be able to use different power-ups and hook tricks to climb and jump to reach the finish line. In the game, you not only have very interesting challenging gameplay but also have unique game sound effects and graphics, which can create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for every player.

1. Introduction about Stickman Hook

Stickman Hook is a fun casual puzzle mobile game. Follow the different stickmen to start your adventure. The game will bring you a lot of fun with all kinds of interesting gameplay. Magical gameplay immerses you in it. Complete various challenges to unlock different power-ups.

Stickman Hook

2. Outstanding Features about Stickman Hook

Be a real Stickman

The simple yet simple game art design style makes the whole game full of cartoon fun. There are also tons of levels waiting for you to challenge. Each level has different surprise challenges. Stickman Hook also features a relaxing and fun soundtrack and sound effects to give you the ultimate immersive gaming experience.

In Stickman Hook, you have to avoid every obstacle that hinders your progress. You can swing from hook to hook to get through all the levels. First, you have to tap on the hook and make incredible jumps to avoid every obstacle that stands in your way. Then you can press your screen, hook your stickman with your grappling hook, and let go. In Stickman Hook, spider matching people is embodied. You will complete all the levels with spider-like agility.

Stickman Hook

Focus on grasping an appropriate jump time

You’ll be able to make some incredible jumps and feel the obstacles on your own. You can also enjoy a lot of fun continuous effects.

You’ll need to control the stickman and throw the rope at the right time to hook the support point and use the inertia of the swing to jump forward. All you need to do is make your stickman successfully jump over every obstacle.

In Stickman Hook, you’ll face more enemies at each level. You can have more fun in it. Each level gives you a different way to play. You’ll show off your gaming prowess here. This game will also bring you unexpected surprises. In this game, you’ll have very interesting scenarios for you, as you’ll have different game modes and experiences in Stickman Hook.

Stickman Hook

Experience various challenges in Stickman Hook

You can use the hook lock to take out enemies. You’ll need to aim at various objects to shoot, swing forward quickly, and move nimbly to avoid obstacles to solve all the puzzles with ease. There are also brand new levels waiting for you to open in the game. A whole new challenge awaits you. You’ll need to strengthen your hook and lock abilities, dash through complex maps quickly, and handle all crises correctly to claim all your rewards in various challenges.

During the game’s challenges, you’ll be able to use your skills to avoid any obstacles and successfully complete the levels.

Unique designs for you

Stickman Hook has a variety of combinations designed for you. You’re in for a thrilling breakthrough adventure here. This game is a great test of your playing skills. You’ll need to use the hook to perform all kinds of acrobatic moves to complete all the game tasks. In this game, you can relax your mind and body and relieve stress with very fresh graphics and beautiful background music.

Stickman Hook

3. Download Stickman Hook Right Now

The controls and systems of this game are excellent, and it is rather serene. In this game, you hang around the map and complete stages much as a spider swings thanks to a spider web. You feel like a Spiderman when you execute a flawless swing sequence. In Stickman Hook, there are several classes to choose from.

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