Ultraman:Fighting Heroes
Ultraman:Fighting Heroes
  • Name Ultraman: Fighting Heroes
  • Version 6.0.0
  • Mod Features Menu, Damage/Defense
  • Size 1.2 GB
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Ultraman: Fighting Heroes is set in the original IP, and the plot spans the classic plot from the first generation to Taylor, and deeply reproduces the Ultraman world. The game is dedicated to the exquisite performance of every detail, with a variety of innovative technologies.

1. Introduction about Ultraman: Fighting Heroes

It presents the battle scenes wonderfully. It ensures low adaptation requirements, which will bring players the most enjoyable experience. The game creatively adds a reinforcement awakening and training system, a protagonist transformation system, and an arcane skill system, so that Ultraman and the little monsters can work together to save the world.

Ultraman: Fighting Heroes

2. Outstanding Features about Ultraman: Fighting Heroes

The main story about Ultraman: Fighting Heroes

The Land of Light in the distant universe was once a Land of Light, where the Ultraman Race’s technological civilization was highly developed, and its influence radiated within 50 light-years of its home planet.

It wasn’t until millions of years ago that the sun of the galaxy went out and the ancestors of the Land of Light had to adopt artificial stars instead, and since then the inhabitants have undergone miraculous mutations in their bodies. Many of the people of the Land of Light have the ability to use special lights. They use light attacks, warp space, and even soar through the universe without the aid of any equipment.

The powerful force made some of the game get carried away, and a rift was created within the clan, which eventually led to some leaving. To show the difference, the runaway Ultraman is called “Dark” Ultraman. The story of the protagonist begins with the collision of light and darkness many years later.

Ultraman: Fighting Heroes

Awaken your youthful memory

You will experience the amazing plots and adventures, as well as different challenges need you to encounter. Of course, there are unique strong monsters in the game world, and you need to improve your fighting ability to defend yourself.

Inheriting classic elements from the characters to the storyline, the game’s innovations add to the background of the Land of Light Dream. The game conveys the hero’s dream, which is reasonable, and it is both an inheritance and a subversion of the classics. The game allows you to closely link the development of the character and the development of the story. As the plot progresses, your strength will get stronger and stronger. A strong sense of substitution and accomplishment will make you more than you imagined.

The graphics are very fantastic and exquisite. As the first Ultraman RPG action strategy turn-based mobile game in China, it restores 100% of your precious childhood memories. It will awaken your youthful feelings. Not only are the heroes’ and monsters’ art styles super cute in the game, but the game graphics are also quite fantastic and exquisite, which will bring you the fastest experience.

Ultraman: Fighting Heroes

Offer you a super visual impact of the combat

The game is dedicated to the exquisite performance of every detail, and the release of gorgeous skill effects and the special moves of all generations of Ultraman can be seen in battle. The nostalgic ultimate can’t help but make people do the same pose when released. At the same time, this game can also bring you a super visual impact of the combat graphics experience.

A very strategic team combination

The game features a variety of team buildouts and a wide range of tactical strategies. There are many different ways to play in the game that will challenge your intellect. Only you can’t think of it, you can’t do it without you.

It also features an innovative PK ranking system. Once you’re in the game, you’ll be randomly matched to PK with other players. You can always face different opponents. The game is ranked according to the points, and the character title is improved, so that you can say goodbye to the PK field of simple and rough traditional rankings.

Ultraman: Fighting Heroes

3. Download Ultraman: Fighting Heroes features Right Now

You can constantly improve your fighting skills and reflexes. The game also provides you with some collection elements, where you can collect cards or items for all kinds of this kind of game and monsters. This also adds to your game’s fun and strategy.

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