Unreal Life
Unreal Life
  • Name Unreal Life
  • Version 3.0.10
  • Mod Features Patched
  • Size 305 MB
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Unreal Life is a fun and puzzle adventure game. In the game, players will control an amnesiac teenage girl to explore the world. The story design of the game is full of ups and downs. The content of Unreal Life is also very rich so that the player can easily immerse in this wonderful world. Players can also choose the direction of the story in the game.

1. Introduction about Unreal Life

In Unreal Life, you will control an amnesiac teenage girl to explore this world, which is a wonderful pixel art world. You have a super power in the game and can read the memory of an item by touching it, so you use this super power to find your own memories.

Unreal Life will bring you a new role-playing type of puzzle game. The story of Unreal Life is rich and colorful, with many wonderful designs waiting for you to challenge. You will come to a strange world, where there are many strange things. You need to use your incredible intelligence to successfully find the truth of the world and complete the puzzle challenge.

Unreal Life

2. Outstanding Features


In order to find the “teacher” related to memory, a girl in the game who has lost her memory, exploring in a strange city, slowly unlocking, and experiencing the details of the game. You will embark on a magical night street journey with a signal light, reading the memories of objects and retrieving your own past.

Here, you can get relevant items through various interactions with different terrain, and constantly find ways to solve puzzles. Diverse endings for you to explore, as well as hidden Easter eggs.

Unreal Life

Immersive experience and choice

Unreal Life is perfect for players who love adventure, with all kinds of adventure elements. You will have an immersive story experience here that will take you quickly into the game world.

The screen design of Unreal Life is also very beautiful, so that you instantly have a beautiful pixel art sense. You will encounter several different paths of challenge, but you should remember that every choice you make will affect the final outcome.

The story design of the game is full of twists and turns, and the content is rich so that you can easily immerse in this wonderful world. In Unreal Life, you can also choose the direction of the plot, and there are four endings, you are free to choose.

Unreal Life

Explore the unknown world and retrieve memories

Your goal in Unreal Life is to retrieve your lost memories for the girl. You’ll encounter puzzles along the way. You also need to carefully search every scene in the game to get vital items to solve the puzzle challenges, and the game has different endings with a playable gameplay content. In order to return to real life, the heroine begins an adventure to solve the mystery.

You will explore and collect more items and clues in the special game terrain. There are several different maps in the game, so you need to explore them yourself.

Since the storyline of the game is always full of mystery and unknowns, I’m sure you’ll be intrigued. There are many mysteries and unknown places in this world, so you need to keep exploring to discover all the secrets.

Unreal Life

Fancy design and music of the game

The design and detail of Unreal Life is also excellent, with perfect combination and control to enhance your game experience. The soundtrack design of the game is touching, and each scene has different sound effects and background music to make the game more engaging.

3. Download Unreal Life Right Now

In Unreal Life, you will unlock more stories by interacting with the characters. Your choices will also lead to different side effects. There are so many scenarios for you to take risks and challenge, so in the face of these confusing plots and interlocking clues, can you solve all the puzzles? What are you waiting for? Come and experience the game together!

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