Virus War
Virus War
  • Name Virus War
  • Version 2.0.6
  • Mod Features Unlimited Money
  • Size 69 MB
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Virus War is a fun game that simulates the human immune system in a new mode. There are hundreds of fun levels, free props, and easy to play without networking.

Introduction about Virus War

Virus War uses a clearance mode, healthy cells and virus cells attack each other. Players can click and choose to reproduce healthy cells to invade viral cells. During the attack, you need to isolate the number of healthy cells to invade the viral cells, and the number of healthy cells to isolate each time is 50%. When the number of viral cells is reduced to -1, the viral cells become healthy cells and then reproduce until the viral cells are destroyed.

Virus War

Outstanding Features

Task setting

Virus War is a casual game built around the theme of viruses. You will experience simple and fun elimination gameplay here. You can also feel a lot of interesting gameplay here, previously unknown gameplay content, with a lot of targeted games to operate and randomly converted game level content.

In the human body, there are a variety of viruses, they destroy the balance of the human body, keep dividing, replicating, serious will bring disaster to the human body. Your job in the game is to destroy these viruses and make the human body healthier.

In the game, the working cells are programmed to take the shape of a small airplane and fire a barrage to destroy the growing cells.

Virus War

Game levels and items

Virus War is made of levels, and the virus becomes more powerful, larger, and faster to move. Small aircraft in the continuous upgrading and evolution, but also continue to strengthen.

There are also various items in Virus War that can be randomly acquired in the game, such as requesting support, boosting firepower, turning the Midas touch, and so on, and the pace of the game is constantly changing.

While the battle is raging, the mobile phone vibration is also added to make the rhythm of the game more intense.

Virus War in different levels, also set up a different secondary weapon unlocking mechanism, making the barrage more types, more gorgeous, can be full screen barrage.

Virus War

Deftly avoiding advanced viruses

Viruses are creatures that not many people like. It brings chaos and weakness to the whole system. In medicine, viruses bring disease and there is no cure. In the information technology industry, viruses have the ability to steal data and damage computer systems.

As mentioned above, Virus War is a combination of Ball Blast and Space Shooter. You can cooperate the entire game with only one finger. When viruses appear from the top of your screen, use your firepower to destroy them.

In fact, you don’t need to kill all the viruses that appear on the screen. If you encounter high-index viruses, avoid them. The virus flies off your screen instead of bouncing back like a Ball Blast. You can have them fly over and wait for weaker viruses instead of destroying all enemies like invaders.

Virus War

Earn rewards to upgrade your ship

Eliminate all viruses in a level and you will advance to the next level. The gameplay is also extremely simple. You need to hold and drag your ship to move and fire a laser on the screen. Be careful, though. When the virus touches you, the ship will be destroyed.

At some stage, viruses will appear in such large numbers that almost all of your screen will be covered with viruses. If you don’t want to lose this battle, you need to move very skillfully and constantly win player rewards to upgrade your ship. Sometimes you may be distracted for just a second, but you may pay the price. So you need to be extra cautious.

Easy to play anytime, anywhere, but with a strong test ability

The frequency of the game’s rotation is random. So this game will test the player’s finger operation ability.

In Virus War, you need to constantly sprint to the highest score in order to win the glory of destroying viruses at the top of your friends list.

After you experience this game, you will find that it is actually a casual puzzle, easy and interesting, simple play but test the reaction ability and train the hand speed of a game. Its single game time is small, is a leisure time killing time artifact, so you can play this game anytime, anywhere.

Virus War

3. Download Virus War Right Now

If you are interested in the game about virus theme, and you want to know more about the topic. Now, there is the best choice for you to have a try, so please download it immediately and start !

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