Viva Project 2
Viva Project 2
  • Name Viva Project 2
  • Version 1.0
  • Mod Features Premium Unlocked
  • Size 789 MB
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Viva Project 2 is a beautiful quadratic development game. Here, you will start a new interaction with your girlfriend and discover more wonderful fun in the hot spring hotel. Realistic love simulation gameplay will bring you infinite love and fantasy.

1. Introduction about Viva Project 2

In Viva Project 2 you have a new hot spring themed scene, and built with the latest virtual engine. In the game, the player will interact with the character, staying away from the noise, and living the life of two people in the paradise. There are a lot of interesting gameplay content and rich personalized cultivation elements looking forward to you to complete.

Viva Project 2

2. Outstanding Features

Interact with your AI dynamic girl

In the game, players can go shopping with your AI girlfriend to eat, cook, wash and do housework, and experience the most real love life. Of course, you can also take her on a long trip together and come to the hot spring house to soak in the hot spring together to enhance the feeling between you and your girlfriend.

Here you will open up a lot of different scenarios in Viva Project 2 so that you can communicate with your AI girl in different scenarios.

This realistic 3D effect will make you feel like you have a real girlfriend, who will bring you endless joy and touch you instantly with every communication.

Viva Project 2

Customize the person role

In Viva Project 2, you need to clean your room to complete the mission and earn game gold to buy more elaborate costumes. Of course, the clothes you buy can also be used to dress up your AI girl, because dressing her up beautifully will also increase your sense of happiness and pleasure.

Viva Project 2 will let you have a diversified play, create a fashion style for your exclusive girlfriend, rich and diverse fashion decorations can be unlocked with a high degree of freedom.

3D realistic development of the game, the perfect integration of the two-dimensional painting style, to give you excellent audio-visual enjoyment. Let you feel the most real interaction contact, entertainment and interaction with her, one command one action.

In addition, you also need to unlock more beautiful clothes for your own characters, by freely matching to determine their own character image. The voice acting of the characters in these games is completed by inviting professional voice actors to make the game characters more vivid. I think this will definitely give you a satisfying experience in this game.

Viva Project 2

Keep your character in a good mood and do things for her

In the game you also have to consider the mood of the character you have chosen. If you piss her off, just get close enough to her face to kiss her and she’ll probably stop being angry. You want to keep her in a good mood as much as possible, because this will also help you get more game points and level up quickly.

In the game, you can also wash your girl’s hair. You can turn on the tap by placing one hand over the tap, tapping the finger icon, and dragging it toward the middle of the screen. If the water was too hot or too cold she would refuse to follow orders and point to the bathtub, she would point to the door and ask you to get out, and you would close the door and be back in a second.

Then, you can go to the sink to get soap, hold down the finger icon to rub bubbles, then touch the head, repeat several times, and then take the towel next to her, give it to her, and then go out and come back.

Viva Project 2

About deleting or changing roles

As for the question of choosing a character, you can select her in the mirror room and click the bed under the floor to let her sleep. So you can do your own thing that you need to do.

After choosing her, it can be replaced, not only the owner’s wife can be replaced, but her role can also be changed, and if you choose two roles, you can change two of the same at the same time, so that you can obtain double happiness. To delete your selected character for replacement, you can click the “Settings” button in the upper right corner and then click Delete your character.

If you choose to delete immediately, you need to pay 20 gold coins to do so. If you choose normal Delete, your role will be deleted after 48 hours.

Viva Project 2

3. Download Viva Project 2 Right Now

In the game, players will interact with your AI girl, away from the noise, and have a life of two people in the paradise. There are rich personalized cultivation elements here, and a lot of interesting gameplay content is waiting for you to complete. So, what are you waiting for? Download it right now!

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