• Name Volzerk
  • Version 1.3.1
  • Mod Features Damage/Defense
  • Size 107 MB
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Volzerk is a monster-raising adventure game. In the game, you will play as a monster trainer, adventure and battle with a variety of powerful monsters. The game offers a rich monster collection system. You can build your own powerful team by capturing, cultivating and evolving a variety of different types of monsters. Each monster has unique skills and characteristics, and players need to flexibly use their abilities to defeat enemies.

1. Introduction about Volzerk

Volzerk is a very fun role-playing mini-game. You will become a hunter in this mini-game. As a hunter, you need to constantly collect a variety of monsters in the game and use the collected monsters to fight with other hunters to constantly explore this mysterious world. The game was very interesting.


2. Outstanding Features

Improve combat abilities and explore more areas

Volzerk supports multiplayer online play. You are free to team up with your friends for adventures. You will explore the mysterious universe as a hunter in the game, and you will also improve your combat ability by capturing various strange monsters.

There are vast areas to explore, as well as rich and well-stocked shops to shop in. You can experience a wide variety of different skill combinations and constantly strengthen your monsters.


Focus on strategic combinations

In Volzerk, you will find that every player pays great attention to the strategic combination, because the strategic combination can make every monster’s ability to play to the extreme. So, you have to pay attention to the combination of strategies that you can use to maximize the abilities of each monster.

This game will give you a variety of game modes and open up many adventure chapters for you. You will be able to defeat these monsters and fight together to help you overcome difficulties. But the premise is that you need to collect a lot of resources to cultivate your own monsters during the adventure.

Take advantage of the monsters’ skills

You can use a variety of different skill combinations in the game. But at the same time, you also need to use your own strategy to improve your own abilities, so that the monsters you collect can also improve their abilities. As a result, you can also collect many different monsters as you continue your adventure, which is also a great experience.


You can use the different skills of the monsters to increase their fighting power and make yourself the king of this secret realm. Volzerk lets you fight alongside your collected monsters and gives you the thrill of the game during intense battles.

Of course, after you complete the task, you will receive corresponding rewards, and these rewards will help you in the rest of the game.

A variety of characters and models to choose from

The game also created a lot of cute and lovable hero characters, self-developed engine and elaborate models for players to choose freely. And the interface design of this small game is very exquisite, so that you can like this small game at a glance.

Fighting side by side with the monsters they have collected, the fierce battle process allows players to feel the excitement of the game.


3D cartoon style, gameplay, interface layout and free trade

This game has a very two-dimensional cartoon painting style, exquisite fighting scenes, and a passionate game story. With the combination of these advantages, you can fully immerse yourself in this adventure game. The 3D anime style of the game will bring you into the fantasy world of the fantasy style. Here you will also see a lot of profound pet cultivation methods will show you a very rich game fun. You will be constantly shuttling between the vast universe, exploring a variety of unknown mysterious planets.

You can unlock multiple actionable characters and even combine characters and monsters. The game’s interface layout is beautiful, with many bright colors that will make your eyes shine. You will also find that in this game, the style changes quite quickly, and the variety of items you collect is particularly complete, but there are still mostly crisis horror elements, so you need to know the right target before you move quickly.


The game has a very rich gameplay mode for the player to choose from, and there are many adventure chapters waiting for you to unlock. You will have a wealth of game resources to collect during your adventure, which will add to the fun experience of the player. There is a special free trade fair here, if you have unwanted items can be exchanged here for the resources you need.

3. Download Volzerk Right Now

Volzerk is a new 3D action adventure RPG mobile game, the game has a variety of characters, can give players the freedom to choose. This game supports multi-stage interplay, including monster hybridization, action role playing and other elements, to create a strange and strange hunting world for players. If you can’t wait to swimming in the sea of games, Volzerk probably is the best choice for you. So, now please download it immediately!

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