Zen Match
Zen Match
  • Name Zen Match
  • Version 220000.1.162
  • Mod Features Unlimited Money
  • Size 185 MB
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

1. An introduction to Zen Match

Zen Match has always been a big gameplay category in the European and American markets, and the basic gameplay has been verified in the market for more than 10 years, with few major changes, such as Kings, Peak Games and other leading manufacturers also do more work on Zen Match+X.
Recently, a game with a very unique basic gameplay is popular in North America, called Zen Match.

Zen Match

The game was launched in July 2021, and within six months, it had generated $7 million (44.22 million yuan) in sales and 10 million downloads. From the ranking point of view, the game has been basically stable in the United States best-selling list of about 100 positions.

In North America, where the game is full of strong players, what are the highlights of this game? Next, we will reveal the secrets of the game through the way of gameplay experience analysis.

2. Features to Zen Match

Similar to Mahjong play

However, Mahjong play in the North American casual mobile game performance has been tepid, hovering in the bestseller list 200 open. The reason is that the difficulty of the game has a big problem.

Unlike Zen Match’s strong randomness and connectedness, Mahjong play is actually more like a puzzle game. Players need to eliminate similar Lianlian at the same time, consider whether the next unlocked mahjong suit can continue to eliminate. Once the disk surface can not be eliminated, it will cause a card close.

Zen Match

The bright mahjong in the plate can be eliminated in pairs, and the pressed gray mahjong can only be unlocked until the upper mahjong is eliminated

For Mahjong, the lack of linear difficulty enhancement and randomness AIDS has huge limitations on the level advancement of designers. At the same time, the player will also feel the frustration of climbing the difficulty ladder. For example, a player who can only think two steps ahead will never be able to beat a level that the designer has increased the difficulty to three steps ahead.

Blue: Zen Match difficulty upgrade experience

On this basis, Zen Match+Match3 came into being.

By adding a reserve slot, the player’s choice is added to the “fault tolerance”, compared to the thin ice of the traditional Zen Match, players can first put mahjong into the reserve slot to see the situation.

In this way, in addition to upgrading the difficulty of Mahjong by improving the number of thinking steps, the designer can also control the difficulty of the game more linearly by adjusting the length of the reserve slot, making the experience of the level more “silky”.

Zen Match

Control the player’s “fault tolerance” by controlling the length of the reserve slot.

In addition to the reserve slot, in order to control the overall difficulty level of the game, the designer changed the double elimination of Zen Match into a triple elimination in the gameplay, and the storage way of the reserve slot is not a stack, but an automatic ordering of the same elements. Thus, the innovative gameplay of Zen Match+Match3 emerged.

Targeted gameplay details optimization

Although the first credit should be attributed to the absolute correctness of the purchase volume and strategic choice, the adjustment of the product level for the region can not be ignored. After comparing the past Zen Match1, the designers pointed out several design highlights in Zen Match, such as the game has a subtle beginner teaching

Zen Match

Also, Zen Match does not include any forced guidance, and the player naturally understands the game’s gameplay, whereas the beginner levels in previous versions were stilted

In terms of the optimization of novice entry into the game, Zen Match allows players to feel the game more naturally in the first few levels, rather than forced guidance, which helps players get started with the early game experience.

The rhythm of the single-game level experience

In terms of the experience rhythm of the level, traditional Match3 is still used to lengthening the player’s single-game experience by increasing the number and complexity of mahjong elimination. This mode is easy to give the player a dull, just repeating a difficult handling work feeling.

Zen Match

Traditional Match3 controls the length of the level through an increasing number of mahjong tiles
Interestingly, Zen Match breaks one level into two smaller levels. Usually the difficulty of the first small level is low, and the difficulty of the second small level is high, and the player can feel the process of gradually changing the difficulty of the game while controlling the effective time of a single game.

Zen Match is actually split into two intra levels based on a single level, guiding players of different abilities to pursue different winning goals in a single game, unlike the traditional casual game level system of three star achievement ratings.

Zen Match does away with the star system and adds a collection element to the single game. For players of average strength, clearing the level is the main goal; For high-level players, on the basis of completing the level, you can also collect syrup to redeem game items by completing the limit order within the level. “Zen Match” will eliminate syrup on the element before it disappears, and will get additional collection rewards after completing the level.

Zen Match

3. How to download

To download Zen Match APK, you have to touch the “Download” button. If your download is completed, you can install the application immediately on your phone.

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