Zero City
Zero City
  • Name Zero City
  • Version 1.47.0
  • Mod Features Premium Unlocked
  • Size 141 MB
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Zero City is released! First of all, this is a zombie-themed game. Secondly, its characteristic is that it has a real survival simulation scenario, which reveals the complex and close relationship between humans and the zombie world. It will be developed around four major themes. Let us wait and see together!

Zero City

An introduction to Zero City

What’s the game of Zero City

The biggest difference between this game and other themed games is that it has an urban background, high-end game mode, complex time clues, and various mysterious clues that make the game full of mystery and challenge. , Zero City describes in detail people’s real survival after the epidemic, slowly unfolding the rhythm of personal life in the bunker, and how all the people here will save themselves in this desolate world.

Zero City

The background of Zero City

There will be various zombie characters in the game. Some of them are brutally trained during the day and immediately participate in the zombie melee at night. Or they need to go out to look for food during the day to avoid long-term hunger. At night, they must fully Be armed and carry a gun with you to protect yourself. Because here, as long as it is dark, various unknown creatures will suddenly attack you, and your life may be lost in the blink of an eye.

Features to Zero City

Be a leader

Night and day are intertwined, so here, this may be your first experience with a zombie survival game. It may create a lot of difficulties for you to challenge, but it also gives you the courage to live again.

Leaders are often lonely and require courage.

Zero City

Maybe in the middle of the game you will become the leader of one of the lucky survivors in the city. Being a leader inevitably involves delegating tasks. Regarding this point, I hope I can give you some useful advice, which is to assign tasks according to each person’s professional strengths and fatal weaknesses instead of blindly assigning them. In addition, you can also tie the following people into groups when reassigning. The so-called team tying means cooperation, allowing them to divide labor and cooperate, which will increase the possibility of victory for the entire team.

In addition to assigning tasks, you also need to command the battle. In the game battle, you need to be resourceful and extremely calculating, because only in this way can you mobilize the remaining manpower and build your own defense from the lack of resources. System, turn weakness into advantage to resist aggression and damage from hordes of zombies.

Take advantage of others’ strengths

You inevitably arrive at this dark zombie world, then you have to learn to reconcile with yourself, learn to reconcile with this world, and constantly explore and experience in this mysterious world until you find the direction to the next world.

Zero City

Obviously, in this game’s character setting, each character’s survival and skill strengths and Achilles’ heel will be different or even very different.

Then at this time, first you need to find and display your best special abilities and specialties, second you need to have a pair of good eyes to see the good in others, and then tap into the potential of others and use them for you, because in this dark world, either your friend or your enemy, it can only be one or the other.

All you need to do is look closely and find the right objects, use each of their special abilities and assign them different tasks for you to use, defeat the enemy, and get a brief moment of light, because in the scenario set in the game, it is very cruel.

Game mode

In each game, there is no particular fixed mode, and designers will design a variety of gameplay, modes, and so on according to the needs of players.

As for this game, you can set the game as a single player mode, or you can form a team to become a PVP multiplayer mode, everything depends on your interests.

Zero City

Because if you become the only lucky person who survives in the city, then there must be living creatures in other worlds outside, so you need to keep upgrading and constantly crossing levels to reach that world. I believe that at this point, you must be extremely interested in this game, so start your game journey now

How to download

To download Zero City APK, you have to touch the “Download” button. If your download is completed, you can install the application immediately on your phone.

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