Zombie Age 3
Zombie Age 3
  • Name Zombie Age 3
  • Version 1.9.2
  • Mod Features Unlimited Money/Ammo
  • Size 50 MB
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

There comes a new funny but not terrible zombie game, and still with many fast pace of actions. So, I recommend you must try to Zombie Age 3, because it can meet all of your needs.

Zombie Age 3

An introduction to Zombie Age 3

If you are very interested in zombies, instead of tiring of the tedious zombie games, because you are not interested in the classical kinds of the game.So,there, it’s time to try to novel, interesting, and relaxing things,such as Zombie Age 3.

But what’s the special factors of Zombie Age 3?

The era of zombie games is back! This version of the game is part 3 of the original. Of course, in this new game, there will be tons of crazy zombies and some other odd shaped zombies. Through the whole setup of the game, it will bring you joy and excitement as you soar freely through the zombie world!

Zombie Age 3

Features to Zombie Age 3

Hero characters

Considering the hero characters of the game, with the difference to the serious character of common zombie elements, because the hero in Zombie Age 3 is very interesting. Every hero is the design of big head and small body, and all of them are walking cubes with many various expression.

You have to utilize them in different ways because each character has its own unique look and skill design. Honestly, there are many characters waited to unlock in whole, and you must look forward to unlock the new character when you play the game.

Zombie Age 3

Lavish heavy weapons

There is a huge progress in weapons over before, Heroes can not be as the same to guns as they used to be. If the enemy is strong, so the weapons must be powerful. The guns that you have never seen will appear in the following days.

There are many destructive weapons in the game, and the cannon is even lager than the short shape body, making quite funny scene to the players in the game.

Powerful boss with various zombies

The world with a lot of level zombies as the part of before about enemy. Just need to entertainment, you can use hundreds of ways to kill zombies.

Zombie Age 3

There will also be defenseless people in the game, maybe you will due to the choices you make about them, but in this brutal war, all you can do is kill them! However, later on, they become more changeable with 15 different kinds of undead. And there will be added more kinds of the same game. They have unique attacking skills, and sometimes, and even they can also use weapons. It’s not easy to live in the world, because there are a lot number of zombies want to kill you.

The designer also set many tasks, medals, global ranks, and some different kinds of patterns in each week or month. In order to hold the feeling of freshness for players, You will always bu busy in playing the game and find endless fun. When you turn on the machine, it’s time to play games!

Zombie Age 3

How to download

In Zombie Age 3, players can freely kill zombies with their Facebook friends. The game also has 10 game patterns and a range of bloodthirsty bosses with morphing looks, ensuring you’ll never get tired of killing zombies.

To download Zombie Age 3 APK, you have to touch the “Download” button. If your download is completed, you can install the application immediately on your phone.

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